10 Responses to “About”

  1. Have a nice day !

  2. It is nice to have a site where we can see that these celebrities have a “normal” side to their lives.

  3. This is a truly remarkable and informative site. One of a kind! And easy on the eye. This is the type of stiff you will almost never see on ET or Extra. Or even BET for that matter. I have bookmarked this site! I will visit often.

  4. This site is soooo awesome!!!
    As Rj said its good to see the not so good life of celebrities.
    Your site roxs.

  5. i just wanted to comment that i like the photo presentation on your site…the use of a single image with sort of a “life size” driving more of your story as opposed to words. something about it was striking to me as i browsed your site, and i wanted to share my reaction with you.

  6. Is there a reason why you don’t put any spaces in your writing?

  7. I love your site. It is a daily must read.

  8. i have no idea why my full name came up, but anyway, god speed for the site, i see its makin headlines. (=

  9. where did that comment go?? :(
    the one about the design of this site?

  10. love your site!

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