jermaine-and-shaniah.jpgjetcover-jd-shaniah.jpgpamsweat-shaniahmauldinsm.jpgRapper and producer Jermaine Dupri, 35, who is currently dating singer Janet Jackson,is pictured  with his daughter Shaniah Cymone Mauldin, 9. Shaniah is the offspring of Jermaine and Pam Sweat(pictured to the right).Pictures of Shaniah,Pam,and Jermaine were taken in 2007.  





Pictures of Pam Sweat and Shaniah via SANDRAROSE


~ by blackcelebritykids on December 2, 2007.


  1. aaaaah! she is tooo cute…i see more Jermaine and Janet than pam in Shaniah. then again Pam is really a beautiful woman.

  2. She is too cute.

  3. ugly

  4. that lil girl 2 ugly but thats cuz her daddy popped but pam is gorgeous

  5. You guys look so cute toghter. Shanaiah is very beatiful and has a bright future:)

  6. Keep it up Shaniah, you have it all!

  7. One more thing, Pam you are so beatiful and your hair is so pretty. You got it going on, I dont know why Jermaine left you:)

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