Two of Diddy’s kids: Christian(in black) and Justin(in blue) Combs.In total Diddy has five biological kids,and one adopted child.


Birthday Boy Quincy Brown with his mom Kim Porter and surrogate dad,P.Diddy.

This past weekend,mogul P.Diddy and his on and off girlfriend Kim Porter threw their son Quincy Brown a birthday bash fit for a celebrity child. Sixteen-year-old Quincy Brown,who is the offspring of singer Al B Sure,was given a Stunna 16 party filled with celebrities like Chris Brown,Bow Wow,Jermaine Dupri,to name a few. The birthday boy even received a white 1964 Lincoln Continental  among other expensive gifts.  Quincy’s biological father did not attend.




~ by blackcelebritykids on December 17, 2007.


  1. he is so beautiful, Quincy. I wish i could meet him. He definitely looks like his father Al B. Sure

  2. SC didnt adopt Quincy. That would be another check he’d have 2 write for Kim.

    Y was he given a 1964 car? Hecant appreciate it.

  3. @ lil kunta

    that’s the type of cars they drive in the A. that’s why he got 2: one for LA and one for the A

  4. Quincy is not Kim Porter’s son. That’s Mesa Hilton’s son (Justin’s Mom). He only has Christian and the twins with Kim. Who ever is reporting this information need to get their facts straight! (Not that this even really matters anyway).

  5. no quincy is kim porter’s son with al b sure…i know this because kim porter alone and her children consisting of quincy (son of al b sure) christian and the twin girls (diddy’s kids) were in the magazine alone. justin is the only child diddy has with misa

  6. My bad! I did my homework. Your right he is Kim’s son. I only thought he had the 3 kids with her.

  7. I wish i could meet him

  8. Diddy and Kim have no manners. And Quincy sold his daddy out. Why didn’t anybody invite AL B SURE to the party??? You mean radio stations were giving out invites to total strangers who called in but no one could mail an invite to Quincy’s real dad, Al B Sure? That’s foul. Blood should be thicker than Black American Express Cards.

  9. Christian sure did get the Diddy genes/Ugly stick!!

  10. The world has gone Mad…throwing a multi million dollar party for a 16 yr ol…is insane!!!, and these are the children of the future, the world is going to hell in a hand basket fo sho

  11. @Blu:
    1)But Q lives in Cali. Rememeber Kim made a big deal & sold her story 2 the pres about how she packed up the NJ mansion she shared with Puffy & moved 2 Cali 2 “be an actress”. [That I think is bull. She’ll never be taken seriously. Shell always be known as babymama]. So Q ,Christian, Dlila, Jessi all live in Cali w her. So where does Atlanta come in?
    2) Q got 2 cars? I dont watch mtv [the channel is trash] so I dont know. & honestly, I believe the car 64 lincole being his car when I c a picture of him taken by a reg person( or on of Q driving. His *ss dont know sh*t about classic cars like that. I think it was all 4 show. His &ss prolly dont even have a license in NY, NJ or Cali.
    NEXT !

  12. @ lil kunta

    KIM is from GA & they lived down there before the twins were born. i saw him on facebook, and Q used to go to school there. NJ is where they moved probably before shit hit the fan with the other lil girl he has. there was a video circulating around the internet of justin dancin in some empty looking house, and THAT house was the house in NJ that they just bought. Q is 16 & in GA and Cali that’s all you need to be to driver. of course everything is for show, it’s MTV for crying out loud. these kids want to be famous! you think more of these kids would have had these BIG sweet sixteens if there wasn’t a show dedicated to it? each teen wants to outdo the other. some of the kids aren’t even turnin 16 on the show. like the boy darnell (who had the coming to america theme) was turning 16, and some other turn 18 or 21. so yea, all of this is for show.

  13. @ Vron.

    Al b. sure was invited to the party, but he aint like the initial theme for it. the theme was called “stuntin like my daddy”. he aint like that shit, and wanted it to be changed to something else…that’s why they called it stunna 16.

    everytime i saw the boy as a youngin, he was always with diddy. al b wasn’t taking care of shit.

    you aint never seen him with his son & kim has always said that diddy stepped to the plate to take care of Q. so NO Q didn’t sell his daddy out, he’s just a deadbeat dad.

    there’s another lil boy other than the one that was on MTV rock the cradle, and lord knows where he’s at.

  14. Blu,
    A father is someone who takes care of kid, not makes them. Al B Sure is a just a SPERM DONOR. Honey, that’s obvious! Even though Diddy is never there you can say that takes care of his boys. He always says had referred to them as his sons; never step or adopted. That is the way it should be.

  15. I’m sorry but Justin gotta a big head lol.

  16. Wow I saw this show today nd Man Diddy Put on dhat Tuff shit for show!!! He was all kissin On Q nd stuff all ova homeboy, it was nice to see him be Normal nd not the usual nut case he usaully is. Q got Chris Brown to come thru hey I wanna be one of diddys kids but I wuldnt be greedy id be where day26 or B5 at lol
    But Lucky dude I wanna Chris nd his Fine self

  17. I lovd that episode of sweet sixteen quincy lookd so cute nd diddy is real nice 2 that 4 him nd thatz nt his biological son…i cant believe al b sure didnt come how sad

  18. Quiny is sooooo fine!!!!!!!!i wish i could meet him and whoeva said justin has a big head is right

  19. I think Quincy and justin is so lucky to have diddy as a dad they get spoiled , awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. quincy is so fine but he sat up there and got lauren loooned and not me but thatsa ok im tryna hollar at his bro justin anyway k but that party was kinda tight no scratch that it was awsome p diddy went all out and all ya whoo are haters need to stop and realize he iz fine and he got money in the bank somethin obviously yall dont cause yall haters ok quincy and justin yall can hollar at k boo


  22. Q U R FINE!your really goodlooking an blessed 2 have parents like diddy and cherrish them and love them just as i love you.i really love your sence of sure if you see me you’d like me but since you cant AS YET!,im gonna just have to stay your mistery girl for the enjoy life over there and im gonna try to do the same down here in baby girl.

  23. That’s sad his biobiological dad didn’t attend, bt u st!ll cut3

  24. Ya’ll need to fall him ack and leave my husband alone. If his father wasnt in his life then why should he be invited? Fall back HATERS!!!!!!!

  25. he is spoiled his going to get wat eva he wants. his with sc all the time!

  26. His real UGLY lol but he can hook me up with his hotttt brotha! hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!lolololol

  27. u r so cute i liy u

  28. happy birthday

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