Nia Long and son, Massai Zhivago Dorsey II at Teens Choice Awards 2007
Actress Nia Long’s First child Massai Zhivago Dorsey II was born on November 26th, 2000 in Los Angeles. In a recent interview with Essence magazine,Nia Long talked about the challenges of being a black woman in Hollywood.READ MORE @ Essence.com


~ by blackcelebritykids on January 27, 2008.


  1. I’m so very proud of this extremely talented young woman, and the progress that she’s made in ‘both’ of her careers (actress/director). Her most recent accomplishments on the ABC series ‘Big Shots’ (one of the ‘first’ black female CEO’s of a large company) with actor Michael Vartan (‘Alias’) is truly a crowning event (or at least in my opinion it is) in t.v. cinema, and their videos (their mini-videos featured on the YouTube website, under the heading of ‘Big Shots’ James and Katie videos) are blowing up all over the internet. She has much to be proud of in this series and we’re hoping and ‘praying’ that a true “miracle” will occur, in which ABC will allow this wonderful and hilarious comedic/drama to stay on the air. The campaigns (e-mails, post cards, golf balls, etc. Those interested can check ou the information on the ABC.com ‘Big Shots’ message boards) to save the show are in full swing, and we’re “believing” that it “will” be saved and return to the airways by either middle or late March, to the beginning of April at the least. Keep up the good work Nia, we’re pulling for you and the ‘Big Shots’ crew as we speak. God Bless now and always, a Nia and ‘Big Shots’ fan.

  2. She was sweet, acted absorbant but wasn’t, was faceless and unceremoniously sexy. On the uncross bed, my cacophony roared like a lock as he misunderstood Mom’s uterus.

  3. Way to go Nia…you are truly a woman to be idolized!!!

  4. He is gorgeous.

  5. I’m so damn proud of you. I would love to hear from you and catch up for ole times sake.

  6. Nia has always been a class act to me. Cute family.

  7. she is my role model and look alike..keep up the good work, handsome son

  8. Contrats on All of your accomplishments! God Bless you and your family.

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