Nicole and Boris at Welcome Home Roscoe premier January 28th


Sophie Tei-Naaki Lee, 2 ½, and Nicolas Neruda, 13 months Spina Bifida is a preventable disabling birth defect that Sophie Tei-Naaki has been diagnosed with. It is estimated that there are approximately 70,000 children and adults living with this birth defect; The Kodjoe’s daughter Sophie Tei-Naaki happens to be one of the many children affected. Nicole Ari Parker and Boris urge all women of child-bearing age to take their folic acid prior to conception as well as during the first three months of pregnancy. To learn more about this condition as well as about the Spina Bifida Association of GA, Then head over to:NICOLE ARI PARKER ONLINE



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  1. Spina Bifida can be easily managed. Basically what happens is during fetal development a hole is formed in the back when the skin doesn’t close all the way. This causes nerve endings to be exposed. Thus creating nerve damage depending on where the hole is on the back. Their are different levels. They end up having no feeling in their legs or feet sometimes up to their thighs. You can manage this by wearing leg braces, walker or wheelchair. My sister has it but you would never know. She is in a wheelchair now and people look at her like “Why is she in a chair?” because she looks just as normal as other teens. We were told horror stories about this birth defect and I am happy to say, its not that bad at all!!! More emotional for the parents. If anyone needs advice, has questions or just want to talk. contact me.

  2. Hotttest couple ever…Cutest children EVER.

  3. hi im 23 years old and i have a 5 year old boy with spina bifida and hydrocephlus, he has no movement/sensation from his waist down, he also has alot of shunt probs managing his hydrocephlus. he also cannot manage bowels and bladder and has brittle bones, even though its hard looking after him i feel so blessed and lucky to have dylan, he never moans about his conditions, he is a star in his wheelchair and wants to be a dj when older, he loves music.
    your site is lovely . sonia

  4. Hi, my name is Yvonne, I am 22 years old and I also have Spina Bifida. Everything is pretty much normal with me except my bladder and bowels. I self cath and have to basically help bowels move. I currently use a wheelchair to get around, but I have movement in my legs(not so much my feet) but I can still walk with assistance. I have no complaints about the life that was given to me. I just learn how to take one day at a time and trust in God because He is my HEALER! Although it gets hard at times when I get sick, I still live a normal life. I love to sing, write songs, travel and lots of other things too. I actually feel blessed to have Spina Bifida and Scoliosis because I just believe that God has a better way of using me and I can use my disability as a platform to inspire others to have hope. Thanx for listening!

  5. Hi, my name is Felicia, I am 42 years old and was born with spina bifida occulta. I only had one operation at the age of 3 days and walk with a lomp. The doctor’s told my mom that it would be a miracle if I lived for 12 hours and here I go 42 years later. They also said that I would not be able to walk without braces or bare children. I never had braces and I have a 21 year daughter. I would love to someday meet you all.

  6. My work email is

  7. Hai, I’m Marvel’s mom. I have a boy born with spina bifida myelomeningocele, which had been operated within 4 days after the birth, and 1 week after had been operated for shunting to accomodate hydrocephalus. When I pregnant for about 7-8 months, my gynecology doctors said the baby has no future, and will cost lots of money because there would be more than 1-2 times operations, he even asked me whether I continue the pregnancy or not??? But seeing my child growth is my happiness and my proud, and I believe God has a wonderfull plan for him. Lets don’t judge a baby with spina bifida has no hope at all, let them alive.. Now my boy is already 1 year old, the IQ & EQ is OK, though still have to give best effort for the feet (Club foot), I believe in God, He will do miracle. Lets support & help children with spina bifida.

  8. I agree with Marvel’s mom, who said “ believing in God has wonderful plan for everyone”. My prayers is with all of you who has relative who has experienced with Spine bifidia
    My name is Abdi, I have been helping the Somali children who has Spine bifida. I’m not Dr, But I help children who needs medical care. In this year alone I had four children who has same issue.
    I have arranged and send to them to the Nairobi Clinic who has helped with care.
    I have also send that clinic more than 20 children who have and hydrocephalus. These children could not get treatment in Somalia.
    I do fundraise for them and get out them in Somalia and send to Kenya where missionary doctor do surgery.
    This year I had two twin children who had same issue and one has died and other one I have send to Kenya.
    God bless you all.

  9. Hi my name is Allison I am 20 years old and I am living with the worst kind of spina bifida. I have myelomeningocele. However, I am able to walk on my own after the doctors were skeptical of me having any feeling below my waist at all. I have been fortunate enough to never have to have a shunt revision and have had no serious problems. I have had to have heel chord lengthening surgery twice, once when I was 5 and once about a year ago in 2008. I don’t have any complaints with life. I have great people that surround me everyday and that are protective. I get stares often but that never stops me. I often catch myself responding to that with do you want to take a picture with me or something cuz I am that pretty to make them laugh and realize I am a normal regular person just like them. I just walk a little different and have to cath myself unlike them. Keep your heads up. You have beautiful children and it will get better. That’s what my parents keep telling me.

  10. my sisters fetus has spina bifida and she just got back from the hospital today with the news i was wondering do all people with spina bifida have to use cruches or a brace or can they walk

  11. my name is megan, i am 18 years old and i also have myelomeningocele. i can walk just fine and was fortunate not to have shunts put in my head. i consider myself very lucky. i have only had 1 surgery and that was when i was first born to close the spine. i do have bladder and kidney problems but i no longer have to cath myself. i am so grateful for everything and my family and friends for helping me. don’t always think negative if you find out your baby has spina bifida. everything will be ok.

  12. hi… name is paris harper…..i am a mother to 4 children …..2 of them have spinabifida……the doctors were amazed at this considering that they have never seen a family have more than one child with this condition… is very challenging at times….the doctor appointments…..surgeries……the countless numbers of uti’s that my son seems to can’t stay away from and so on……i just consider it a blessing that god choose my husband and i to parent them…..every one that reads this and battles with spinabifida or has a family member or a friend that does…..stay encourage……MY GOD IS FAITHFUL……we are fearfully and wonderfully made……my children are perfect!!!!:)

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