R&B singer Ne-Yo recently sat down with to talk about his baby’s mama and his son,a young boy named Chimere who isn’t at all Ne-yo’s biological offspring. Read more below: You’ve been the target of many rumors, but I love that you keep it moving. Let’s address the rumor regarding your financial dispute with your son’s mom, who was supposedly getting evicted due to your refusing to pay child support. Is that true?

Ne-yo with ex-girlfriend Jessica 

N.Y.: There is truth to some of it. She was being evicted because I refused to pay her rent any longer once I found out her child was not my biological son. But I’ve been his father since the day he came on his earth so I told her anything he needs I got him, but you are a grown a– woman with working arm and legs—ain’t nothing wrong with you so go get yourself a job. Why in the world would she try to take you to court after you agreed to give financial support in raising her son?

 N.Y.:She wasn’t happy with the amount I offered to give her and said, ‘No, I need more.’ So she decided to take me to court. I asked her why and told her she wouldn’t win because he was my not biological son. So I said, ‘Fine, you get nothing. Let’s go to court.’ Whoa! So why did you wait to get a blood test?

Neyo with son Chimere
N.Y.: Well, she told me when she got pregnant that it could be between me and another guy, so I knew that from the beginning. When the baby was born everyone assumed that he was mine because he looked so much like me so no one really questioned it except my mother because she never trusted her and urged me to get a blood test. How did that discovery affect you? N.Y.: It hurt me for a minute, but you know…. Do you still see him?

N.Y.: No, because she doesn’t allow me to, so what can I do? As a mother she has the right, I don’t.



N.Y.: It hurt me for a minute, but you know…. Do you still see him?

N.Y.: No, because she doesn’t allow me to, so what can I do? As a mother she has the right, I don’t.




N.Y.: It hurt me for a minute, but you know…. Do you still see him?

N.Y.: No, because she doesn’t allow me to, so what can I do? As a mother she has the right, I don’t.
 How did that discovery affect you? N.Y.: It hurt me for a minute, but you know…. Do you still see him?

N.Y.: No, because she doesn’t allow me to, so what can I do? As a mother she has the right, I don’t.





~ by blackcelebritykids on January 29, 2008.


  1. Man, that’s messed up, she knew what she was doing.And all this time I thought that was Ne-yo’s biological son, but it wasn’t. I
    do agree with him on the fact, that she needs to get a job and start taking care of her son, her own responsiblities. period.

  2. so sad for Ne-yo and the kid. Some people never can appreciate when they have good people in their lives. Money hungry bad business. Ne-yo good for you that you woke up.

  3. that is sooooo messed up DUMB BROADS she is so grimy i wouldn’t even have the guts to do that to someone!!!!!! woowwww

  4. the baby to dose dose not look like him….. well alil in the eyes

  5. DAMNNN shes hoott shiit, Neyoo has a dimeee peice for baby mama.

  6. that girl is crazy. and no he doesnt look like neyo. i bet she wishes he was neyos son cuz she sounds like a gold digger. lord help her.

  7. Stupid..You had a man who was willing to step up and be their for your child.

  8. That is messed up. I bet she wish that ne- yo was the father now. She sounds like a gold digger. Some women are never happy. I agree with ne- yo she needs to get off her sorry ass and get a job. Good for him if the child was his son. She probably would be in court every month asking for more money. Women like that make it harder for a good woman.

  9. Unfortunate… But there are cases where the non-biological father has been in the child’s life since birth and they are forced to pay and continue to pay child support and get visitation, even AFTER it’s been established that the child is not his. She messed up a good thing and had a DUMB lawyer. Neyo even says he claimed the child, KNOWING there was a chance it was not his. Closed case, she should have gotten support.

  10. CLARIFICATION: I don’t think she deserves it, but legally could have easily gotten it. Blame her legal counsel for that failure.

  11. Also: That baby look like 50 CENT! HEEEEEE HEEEE HEEE HEEE HE HE UH…


  13. I live in las vegas ne-yo you need to have a concert out here i am a huge fan of yoour you remind me of my ex-fianace


  15. Hey Ne-Yo … don´t worry 🙂 I have to admit, that girl Jessica is a bit mean … and youre baby is cute and looks a bit like you(hehe i think you are cute to) but my vise for you is go out on a date with some girl! and forget about her for at least one nigth ! well thats all i have to say except …keep doing thees great songs like So sick and you will be on the top* love Svava from Iceland

  16. Come to MY 16th Birthday Party…. Please … ino everyword to your songs./

  17. nEyo im yA biGgest fAn lUv u && yA zUn. && hE lookz jus jus jus lyk u.

  18. i feel your pain but guess what all these hot chicks have to offer is gold digging skills neyo take a poor girl and see if she doesnt love you unconditionally i am from guyana South america and wish you can perform a concert here someday and please sing a song with my name its Jewel

  19. this chick has some nerves first its not his child he agreed to help you but the figures is not what u wanted an now wants to take him to court chick in is la la land she should be happy she’s getting help dumb broad.

  20. hi men , i want to her you in MTV you know .
    I tink you have a nice girlfrind ,i want to have her in my bed you now.

  21. awww thats really sad coz ne-yo looks like the type of guy who would be great with kids and i think he will make a brill father and anyway who wouldnt want to have his babys i would anyday lol he is soooo georgus and sooo pretty i love ne-yo soo mutch i think hes fab and i love every one of his songs and all the songs that hea rote for everyone eles hes great and his brain must be massive because he has ritten hundreds of great songs and hes soooo talented and i love him in all the films hes in and i would love to meet him im real life. everytime i see him on t.v i just go into a sortof daydream lol and way your great ne-yo xxxxxxxx

  22. ne-yo i think chimere is sooo cute but i dont think you sould get down that he is not you bilogical son because your going to have babys of your own one day and they will be realllly cute if they take there looks after you lol anyway youll make a great father because you seem like a real gentalmen and i would die for a guy just like you your great and whens your next album coming out cant wait! xxxx oh and your too pritty for her anywayz lol love kerry xxx

  23. ne-yo why are you sooooooo nice looking omg you look too good to be true lol xxx love kerry xxx

  24. omg ne-yo u did the rite thing cuz even though dat isnt ur son u stel clame him but the grl shud b happy at leas cuz u didnt hav 2 clame her child but ne-yo u do wat u do cuz ur stel sexy any way lyk got damn♥♥

  25. aww i didnt know u had a kid but at least you take care of yours :)…..well still luv u and keep uph with bein a daddy and not excluding ypour sun from your life.

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