Brad Pitt lost his cool this week when a paparazzo got too close for comfort. The Hollywood star was reportedly taking adopted daughter Zahara, 3, shopping when a photographer kept snapping away at close range, despite Brad’s obvious annoyance. After several minutes, onlookers say the actor, 43, lost his cool.CONTINUE READING


~ by blackcelebritykids on February 15, 2008.


  1. At first I was a bit annoyed with the union of Brad and Angelina, because of the way it happened. He was still married to Jennifer when he started playing around with Angelina on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I still kind of perceive her to be a homewrecker. But he seems to really love her, her kids and theirs together. Perhaps Jennifer should have given him a baby when he wanted one so long ago, but she chose to put her career first.

  2. Why would you be “annoyed,” with two people you know nothing about? Angelina Jolie, said she did not cheat with Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt said he did not cheat with Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Anniston said they did not cheat, despite her passive aggressive whining and poor pitiful me routine in magazines to boost her post TV sit-com career.

    They split for the same reasons a LOT of people split – they grew apart, realized they had nothing in common, and had no shared goals. Their relationship had an expiration date, and the fact that they had no children, I’m sure Brad considers a blessing. He didn’t leave because he wanted kids, he left because he did not want to be married to Jennifer Aniston. So why are you wishing a fantasy family on him with a woman he was no longer in love with? The man has said on record, he was unfulfilled, he had nothing in common any longer with his ex, they did not share the same dreams and goals.

    Together he and Angelina are raising a beautiful family, very much in love, and are helping the world – and making it a better place.

    Why you are bringing up a divorce now 3 years old, and demeaning people that you have no clue about, speaks to your own issues.

    I’m sure you don’t really care about Anniston, a sit-com actress neither memorable, appealing or talented IMO, who’s idea of charity is probably tipping her hair colorist an extra 20 percent, who was on the whitest tv show of the 90s…

    …well, I have no idea.

  3. @ bobbi :I kinda agree. Pitt says he didnt cheat on jen…but he hooked up & got AJ pregnant way 2 fast.

    Brad wanted a fam & has been very vocal bout it. Aj gave him an instant son Maddox, then they aopted Z, then has Shiloh, got Pax, and now another baby. Jen has her chance but didnt want kids.

    & yea Friends is the most fake bs anlgo est show! No AfrAm, no Hips, no asians in NYCITY….that isnt tru @ all! They were in NYC not upstate NY.

  4. That’s a rreally cute kid. Brad has a chinese kid, a cute African kid, another asian kid from somewhere, a white kid with blonde hair, and another baby on the way. Now all he need is a latino. hahaha they could adopt me.

  5. I think Brad wanted Angie when they were on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Angie’s father cheated on her mother and she has always been unwilling to be the other woman. Which is why men break off their relationships to be with her.

    Brad and Jennifer’s agents actually got them together. Brad was dating every beautiful Black woman in hollywood. Which of course was not good for his image as the all american white male sex symbol. His agent and her agent basically hooked up the the all american guy with an all american girl. A year later they were married. If you ask me, it wasn’t real from the beginning, it was PR. They were living seperate lives when he was filming Troy.

    Angelina would not get him while he was married. He got a divorce and relentlessly persued Angelina. Once he won over Maddox, then she was sold. She was interviewed in Bazzar magazine and said any relationship would be up to the approval of her son. Because a man would have to be a genuin father to her son. Then six months later a tabloid reported that Maddox called Brad dad.

    I don’t think Agelina is a homewrecker at all.

  6. Brad only dated Robing Givens for a short while, is that what you are refering to, Alecia? I wouldnt call that every beau. black woman in Hollywoood.

  7. adopt a Filipino now brangelina! 🙂

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