Shar Jackson and her daughter Cassie,12, were photographed at the Spiderwick game event last week. Kudos to Shar,31, for maintaing her youthful appeal.


~ by blackcelebritykids on February 19, 2008.


  1. They’re absolutely gorgeous, both of them! She’s obviously a great mom! Kudos, Shar!

  2. Aw, her daughter is so cute! Look at those boots! Her name is sweet too…what a doll! 🙂

    Shar looks beautiful and they definitely look like sisters! She looks like the cool big sis. 🙂

  3. aww shar and cassie are cute when there like dat i luv it.

  4. damn they do look like sisters.

  5. is cassie kev federline’s daughter?

  6. they look gay!!!!!!!!!! I look way better than them!!!

  7. She isnt Kevin’s daughter biologically.

  8. They are beautiful and cute.

  9. Shar & Cassie are very georgeous I’m sure she’s a wonderful mother

  10. Cassie looks just like Shar! They both have the same pretty exotic eyes!! Go girl!!

  11. BCK: what do u c that makes them look like sisters?
    various posters: What makes u all say she is a great mom? She has breast implants & is wearing blue contact…what a message to send to your daughter. While Shar wears a weave Im glad her 12y old is still wearing her real hair.

    Lastly Shar’s 2 eldest kids Sonnie & Cassie arent Kevin’s kids. She had them when she was in high school. Kevin’s kids are Kori & Kaleb.

  12. they look very cute!

  13. lilkunta what is wrong with you? Nobody paying any attention to you? I mean, dang why the hateful and evil spirit, girl? You wear weave or have worn weave so why can’t anyone else? How many other mothers had their children while still in high school? At least she has an education. How do you know she isn’t a good mother? Were you in the operating room to know about her breasts? Donnie has Shar’s eyes so I guess he is wearing blue contacts also, right? So that means you were present at Shar’s eye doctor office when she got them, right? Girl you need to lay on a couch while somebody is taking notes because you need some serious help,lilkunta. I hope you get better soon. Did you know you are the exact generation of the Willie Lynch theories? Yeah, you fit it just right. Would ask you to read it but you are busy hating………….Bless your little heart………….

  14. they look like they never fight they can just talk to each other…lyk the best of friends i think that is super duper sweet how they look like sisters… nice mother and daughter momment

  15. […] Thanks to our friends at Black Celebrity Kids for the photo. […]

  16. […] Thanks to our friends at Black Celebrity Kids for the photo. […]

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