A not-so-pregnant looking Paula Patton showed up to the first annual weight:
Essence Black Women’s luncheon on Friday. It was only a month ago that we saw a rather rounded looking Paula,but just yesterday, a svelte Mrs. Patton showed to the Essence luncheon in a lovely polka-dotted dress.  The question remains,what happened to her baby bump? It was just a few weeks ago that Essence.com confirmed what rumors had been implying:Paula Patton and husband Robin Thicke were expecting their first child in spring. Was/Is Paula Pregnant or has she already had her baby?Rumors are rampant,but only time will afford us the answers to the questions on inquiring minds.
paula-patton-essencebest.jpg     paula_patton.jpgpaulabump.jpeg


~ by blackcelebritykids on February 23, 2008.


  1. ok i read on wiki that they were expecting in spring 08 but from the pic of her at the essence event, i think she must have had the baby already and she maybe one of those women who never get so big. she couldnt possibly have lost it because it would have been reported and i doubt she would have attended an event so soon after

  2. That is the reason people should not believe everything they read or “see”. The picture from Jay-Z’s taken on December 30, 2007, was clearly a picture the media and people who just love to gossip used to fuel the rumor. If you looked at the other photos from that night, they clearly showed Paula was not pregnant. She did not look pregnant at the VMA awards in September ’07 either. Paula has a unique way of standing when she take photos and they are not always flattering. I don’t know a woman out there who did not get a little “bumpy” in her belly when that “certain time of the month” roled around. In Essence, people see and believe what they choose to believe, even things without merit.

  3. was she pregnant or what? she did look full in the belly not too long ago. i hope she did have a baby because i know it would be beautiful. iam really dumbfounded.

  4. I guess these pictures offer the public additional proof of what every industry insider already knows about Paula Patton. She was picked up while prostituting her sex on the streets of LA then, started servicing film crews just to be considered for movie parts. Personally, I find hookers to be disgusting and I think that they should never be compared to normal women– they are not normal women, they are street vermin of the lowest caliber!

    Please do not cast hookers in movies or glorify and reward their lowly lifestyle.
    It is a moral outrage and betrays any progress ever made by The Women’s Movement.
    I am offended by this disgusting trash and will boycott any movie which shamelessly casts known prostitutes as actresses.


  5. I’ve never heard that before, taht Paula is a former prostitute. She sure is gorgeous though!

  6. Paula Patton was raised in LA, mom is a school teacher and dad is a lawyer. She attended USC and was a producer prior to becoming an actress. Get the facts straight prior to posted negative comments about people!!! And if she was a prostitute, let congratulate the fact she has reached this level of status. We all come from something…..NO ONE is without spots or blemishes.

  7. God Loves us all. Who cares. Congrats on your new baby boy. May God continue to bless you and your family.. Stay as beautiful as you are.

  8. This whole prostitute thing is so stupid and ignorant of u to say. So what if she was a prostitute she is out of it now. Please dont act like u r a saint. Everyone has made mistakes it is just up to u to learn from them. Congratulation Paula Patton and Robin Thicke> Wish u all the best. Stop with the damn foolishness. She is a human being just like everyone else is. True or not who gives a damn

  9. Jump the broom is so beautiful, stay Bless!!

  10. […] Magazine reported Paula was pregnant.  She was spotted with a baby bump, then there were reports the couple lost the baby.  But, that painful news was never confirmed by either Thicke or […]

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