snoop_dogg.jpgAs the reality star of television show Fatherhood,  rapper Snoop Dogg knows something about parenting. In his latest interview with Ok! magazine,the father of three offers advice to new mom Jennifer Lopez and talks about his own parenting skills.

Snoop’s advice to J.Lo:

“One baby at a time.She’s going to have a good time with it. Babies are beautiful, especially having two at one time. I wish her luck, and how her babies remain to be safe and healthy and she enjoys her time with them.”

Snoop admires children who have drive and he would like to instill that quality in his kids:

“Ever since I was a youngster, I was a hustler.I sold newspapers, candy, I was always out of the house trying to make money, so I commend any kid that tries to go get something in life, whether he’s trying to wash cars or pump gas or help ladies to their cars with their groceries. Any sort of hustle is what I push on a kid because it shows a sign that you want to be something in life.”

Snoop’s admiration of kids who sell candy:

“I was one of those kids who sold that candy. Instead of me buying one bar, I might give them $30 and say, ‘I don’t even want no candy’ because I understand what it takes to have that showmanship to be able to go door-to-door, hand-to-hand and say, ‘Hi ma’am, would you like to buy some candy from me?’ That takes a lot to humble yourself, to have that in you to ask somebody to buy something from you.”

Snoop talks about the value of a parent:

“They are teachers. These are people who have knowledge and wisdom and they’re trying to pass it on to you,” Snoop says. When they give you that, even if you don’t like it or understand it – take it in for what it’s worth because one day you’ll hear that voice again and you’ll be able to make a decision. You can say ‘I’m going to do the right thing or the wrong thing, but at least I know what’s right and what’s wrong.’”

Snoop Dogg has three children:sons Corde, 13, Cordell, 10, and daughter Cori, 8, and wife Shante.



~ by blackcelebritykids on February 27, 2008.


  1. You cuss an yo’ damn kids Snoop… What advice do you have?

  2. Snoop could teach her a lil something!

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