In all,singer Erykah Badu has two children named Puma and Seven. Daughter Puma is the offspring from her relationship with Tracy “The D.O.C” Curry ; Son Seven is the product from her relationship with Rapper Andre 3000 of the popular group Outcast.In a recent interview with Essence magazine,Ms. Badu talks about both the fathers of her kids. She expresses that although she may not be intimately involved with the two dads,they are a significant part of her life: 

On her daughter Puma’s father, rapper Tracy “The D.O.C.” Curry, 39, . . .
“Me and Doc fell in love,” she says, recounting their brief romance in 2003. “And, hey, we played the grown-folks game. He was not the one, but Puma came on through.”

Pictured:Rapper “The D.O.C’

On motherhood . . .
“I’m a real good mother. And I make sure that the fathers are active. The queendom is in Dallas. Various times in the year, everybody’s there at once, and we all get along. Those are my brothers, I don’t get in their business, they don’t get in mine, but we’re very cognizant of what’s going on with our children.”

Pictured:Andre 3000 with son Seven
Picture Source:D.O.C. Myspace


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27 Responses to “ERYKAH BADU TALKS ABOUT THE FATHERS OF HER KIDS(Andre 3000 and The D.O.C)”

  1. i wouldnt have thought that a woman, who was so enlightening to me while i was growing up, was so ghetto. i wonder who she’ll hook up and get knocked up with next

  2. whst? how is she ghetto? she just had a couple of relationships that didnt work out.

  3. Kim, you act like people can’t have 2 kids by 2 different dudes and still be enlightening. What’s so “ghetto” about it? Emphasizing on what Kierra said, I agree, things happen, and wonderful things and beings can become through relationships that are thought to be real and meaningful from the start.

  4. if i got two beautiful children out of two f—– up relationships I could never mad so why are you?

  5. Oh I get it you want her to stay with a man that she doesnt love and have more children with this man and make one big unhappy family.We all know how that turns out!

  6. Why people be hating on Real people The creator gave women organ to pro create unlike all the bitches who be getting abortions taking life…Murderer I tell you we have life for a purpose. Erykah is a Gift to man kind you may find her different or weird and that is because people to stupid to understand her…spiritual level is just not there. I have two beautiful kids yea two different daddy’s who I have great relationships with and we ain’t together and my kids are very happy, very well fed and very respectable…F#%k what the world has to say if it get pregnant 20 times then so be it at least I wasn’t selfish with LIFE.

  7. Empresslyana, if your children mimic you they aren’t that respectable. Right after you use the word, garbage comes out of your mouth.

    Kim, girl, I understand what you said. But, you have to understand, you are speaking on a forum where, chances are, the people who read and post have baby daddy’s (more than 70% of black children are born out of wedlock). And you know black folk don’t like to be called out on theirs (see Cosby backlash and the hate that spewed from Jessie Jackson’s lips).

  8. It’s EXTREMELY GHETTO!! What ever happened to GETTING MARRIED FIRST AND THEN PRO-CREATE? Why would you want to bring another life into the world and NOT know if you and the SPERM DONOR will even like each other NEXT WEEK. Let’s be MORE RESPONSIBLE than that. They’re CHILDREN WATCHING…

  9. Andre 3000 goes around and sleeps with a different woman every night. So go figure. He sleeps with anything that comes his way, like reality tv stars and strippers.

  10. Sarah: didn’t your mom tell you that two wrongs don’t make it right? It’s all wrong!

  11. Empresslyana, I don’t know that what your saying is entirely a good thing. Just because we are given organs to give life doesn’t me that we should do so wrecklessly. Fall in love, have children why not, but don’t give birth to more children than you can take care of just because you’re capable. What is important is that these lives are nutured when the make it to this world. How many times have we heard that story about a woman who has 8 million children who grandmother, aunt, uncles, cousins, DYFS workers, group homes, and the streets are taking care because the mother cannot. You can give life without being wreckless about it.

  12. im not here to judge u. I think u r a strong woman that inspire me on so many diffrent levels. I love ur music n u have beautiful kids. Just keep pressing on. With women like u still around u make me keep my head up.


  14. This is crazy, how everyone has something negative to say about having more than one father to a woman’s children. I think if you have not been in that person’s shoes and have walked in their steps of life, then you really shouldn’t have too much to say negatively about that person’s situation. I myself am going through this right now; where I was in a relationship (back in love with my high school love), when I unexpectantly received the information that I had a blessing in my stomach “BY MY 4 YEAR OLD SON”. I had to take a test after that because he is my angel considering I lost my 1st son after 2 weeks of life. The relationship went down hill after he found out I was expecting because he was very forceful that I should get an abortion. Now what make a guy think that after having an abortion because you say so, that you will still have the same relationship. Well long sotry short I decided against the abortion procedure, and to give life to what god has placed in front of me. He decided that he could no longer be around me because I made a selfish decision. (i didnt get myself pregnant, its my body i thought of) God doesn’t place anything in your life that he doesn’t think you can handle, or that he would not be by your side for. its the faith you have in him that judges how your situation turns out. if you disobey him,of course things will fail, but you are also forgiven if u believe in him. Get it together folks, there is more to life than to sit back and judge another person’s. Take a few steps back and analyze your own.

  15. Perosnally I would want to be married before I decide to have children. I understand that it may not happen this way, but at least let marriage be on the heels of having the child. I have been blessed to have 2 parents, 3 siblings, and we all have the same father and mother. And my father DOES NOT have ANY outside children, excpet with his wife of 26 years.

    BUt I think the problem, people are having is Badu’s choice, or not being a wife and just a baby’s mother. Truth is when you have two different father’s, you WILL be looked down upon. Unless, you are married to the 2nd father.

  16. I don’t personally judge anyone but erykah should have stayed with COMMON. In 1 of his songs he said ‘so many black women can say that they are mother but not wives. I believe COMMON unlike others in his industry would have married her.

  17. There life your entertainment! People get lives and stop living through others and stop judging. The bible says judge the not who has not done some things that were not so wise? We are all human and the difference is we see these people’s lives being played out in the media. And a lot of us are doing the same things that they are doing and yet we talk about and ridicule them for it.Our indiscretions and sins are ours becuase we are not in the lime light before you talk and point fingers.Please know that when you do this there are always four fingers pointed back at you. Check yourself then worry about others walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you speak on their actions.

  18. it’s sad to see how people judge someone they do not know at all. not to mention that other people’s choices in life are none of their business as long as it doesn’t affect them. hate is ghetto. badu’s choice isn’t mine, and that’s that. what struck me was that i would have never thought that she and the d.o.c. hooked up, i dunno why … but then again, their both from texas … d.o.c. has been a favorite of mine ever since i got hooked on “straight outta compton,” life’s complexity is beautiful.

  19. i dont understand how there can be such negative comments about such an amazing women!! please stop the hating is unnessary and very unbecoming especially if u dont want to look “Ghetto” and does it matter if 70% of black childern are born out of weddlock does it affect u personally it doesnt affect me the point is those childern were born!! Those childern live in a world of oppurtunity and choices the same as u and the same as me!! Those childern have the chance to be watever they want to be and they dont need people like Kim “not buying it” jean or sarah catorgizing them or holding statistics over there head!! your comments are unnessary pls take them were ppl care!!

  20. oh and shes just not a baby’s mother she a women doing wat some women would die to do.. she a strong powerful influental black woman; a mother with a career; a respectable indiviual who has broken barriers for women world wide with her voice… so does her love life affect u directly?? no then dont waste your time making negative comments its pointless

  21. Hold on….im from the ghetto….i have my ghetto ways…i have my spiritual ways also….i understand where erykah badu is comming from…they fell in love and then it obviously did not work out so oh well move on get passed it….erykah badu is a role model to me…i look up to her in so many ways…and for all the people who have a problem with her decions why dont you go and do some research on her backgound and how she grew up maybe that will make you understand her better…when are we going to wake up and stop judging other people???…leaver her alone.. if it dont have antthing to do with you then you should stut up….

  22. to me she is just amazing.she truly has a gift. i grew up on the hard side and without trying to critics her nor holding her responsible to be a light in our own life.i thing the first time is out of love and ignorant, the second time probably a big mistake she was tricked and the third time just being absolutely stupid. it is important for a kid to have his parent as he or she grows. and that responsibility has to be taking care of by the parent.having 2,3 kids from different dad is very traumatizing experience for this kids grow up together, especially as they accumulate more and more.

  23. this is soo stupid like seriously just because you have two kids by different daddys and you arent married dosent mean your ghetto or it dosent mean its ghetto ITS LIFE. Foreal the ppl who made that comment needs to get over their self clearly the ppl who minchened it have no kids if you ask me. They may not even be married so who are they to judge.

  24. I read all of these comments but three(3) children from three(3) different guys is not “Ghetto” it’s simply “Careless”… Just because you can drive a car 150mph doesnt mean you should without your seat belt.
    Thank God I didn’t have kids from all of my casual relationships…

  25. With all due respect, I have no true opinion because I am off taking care of my responsibilties as a father and husband. People will be and do whatever they see fit and as long as they aren’t breaking the laws of the land nothing happens to changes the actions. So all we can do is live and let others live. I do just that. Less stress in one’s life. Granted, I don’t agree all the time with people’s decisions.

  26. […] ERYKAH BADU TALKS ABOUT THE FATHERS OF HER KIDS(Andre 3000 and The DIn all,singer Erykah Badu has two children named Puma and Seven. Daughter Puma is the offspring from her relationship with Tracy “The D.O.C” Curry ; … On her daughter Puma’s father, rapper Tracy “The D.O.C.” Curry, 39, . . .; “Me and Doc fell in love … JULIET RUCKER said this on October 6, 2008 at 3:26 p10… […]

  27. It’s OUTKAST!

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