As reported on BCK about two weeks ago,Kimora Lee Simmons has filed for divorce from husband,mogul Russell Simmons. Both of the Simmons’ have moved on with their significant others;In an interview with,Russell makes it clear that he and BabyPhat ceo Kimora Lee Simmons have both moved on with their lives:

CY: You and Kimora seem to have gotten along well even though you both have been separated a while and are dating new people. Media reports stated last week that Kimora filed for divorce. I am guessing this is something that is not surprising and was just put off?

RS: “We weren’t paying attention to it. We both have very serious relationships. I guess it’s the perfect timing. It should be a timing that is out of the media, but there it goes.”

CY: So this was no surprise then? There was no chance at reconciliation or anything of that nature?

“No. Everything is all good. My children are here sleeping at my house today. Tomorrow they’ll be sleeping at her house.”


~ by blackcelebritykids on April 14, 2008.


  1. Well….HE initiated the divorce so…of course it wouldn’t be any surprise to him that she resubmitted divorce papers after like 2 yrs of being separated.

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