[Rapper T-Pain with wife Amber and alleged mistress Miss Cherry(inset pics)] is reporting that rapper T-pain has fathered a child with someone other than his wife. The “someone” allegedly happens to be an up and coming Atlanta rapper named Miss Cherry(inset pics).In the words of Missinfo:

Atlanta-based[Miss Rap Supreme] contestant Miss Cherry and human parappa rappa T-Pain have an adorable baby boy together. And while, its unclear if the couple is together or not, just the thought that this woman got drinks, to drink, and drunk ‘em (got knocked up) with T-Pain….is a feat of superhuman endurance.(click to enlarge)

In the past,rapper T Pain has revealed that he is a married man with two children.In an AIM interview with,T-pain talks about his wife Amber and their two kids Lyriq and Muzyq:

CannonInMusic: You ever thought about coming up with a “T-Pain how to pick up Chicks Kit?”
TPainBuyUaDrank: hell naw! im married man, you know i cant do dat my wife would kill me
CannonInMusic: lol hey it would be a contribution for all cats that can’t follow through with game after they purchase the drinks….
CannonInMusic: I’m sure wifey would understand lol
TPainBuyUaDrank: naw then she would start catchin on lol
CannonInMusic: How well would you say she deals with everything — all of the fame and the video vixens, etc…?
TPainBuyUaDrank: she is the best when it comes to that man because she knows that im comin home to her and im bringin money with me, plus we got two great kids together and she knows i won’t mess that up
CannonInMusic: That’s whatsup homie — and pretty damn impressive to see a young in the spotlight cat, such as yourself, be so family oriented
CannonInMusic: You got married pretty early too man. What would you say made you trade in your bachelor hand for a family life?
TPainBuyUaDrank: oh yeah man. my mom always said that she knew i was gonna be the only one in my family to get married
TPainBuyUaDrank: i didn’t feel like goin thru all the crap you know?
TPainBuyUaDrank: it’s just too much to handle
TPainBuyUaDrank: all those girls at the same time is just stupid
TPainBuyUaDrank: and plus, i didn’t have enough time for one because i was so into my music
CannonInMusic: I feel you on that. And wifey is completely cool with music being your main squeeze, so it sounds like you’ve got the ideal situation
TPainBuyUaDrank: oh yeah, even my kids are named Lyriq and Muzyq
CannonInMusic: If you had a 3rd one what would you name him/her?
TPainBuyUaDrank: if it was a girl it would be Harmony. if it was a boy i would name him Symphony, but it would be spelled weird you know”





~ by blackcelebritykids on April 15, 2008.


  1. i love those names lyriq and muzyq. but i hope he didnt father another child outside of his marriage.

  2. that anit his baby

  3. Wwwwwoooooowwwww!!!!! That was a BIG surprise 2 me. Miss cherry and tpain?? Smh….wwwooooowww!!!!! U would have neva thought of them 2 being together, let alone have a baby together.

  4. this is one of the UGLIEST men in show business right now — next to little wayne. and that is not his baby

  5. This has to be his baby. That wack bith has too much of a swag to her for the baby to be by a RN( regular nigga). She was carrying on like her shit dont stink n she aint hotatall!!! Im guessing it is…i feel bad for the wife…but play your part mama. you still got the dough… just use protection…

  6. 1s of all ”kim” tpain n lil wayne is 1 of da fines rappaz nex 2 t.i. and plies…an datz da real testament..real tlk!!!!

  7. Like t pain said he met his wife when he was broke and livin in his car he is not about to mess up with her because not 2 many women would have accept him like that, and if he did he’s a real a**hole.

  8. I think its false 2 he aint got no damn baby by nobody else. He probably happy with him and his baby.

  9. Please stop sayin “swag”….smh

  10. i love you t-pain is you my life

  11. whoever said tpain was fine is blind..oh my goodness

  12. that his tpain baby just hatin they wish they baby daddy ain;t hot right now.


  14. Sometimes Tpain looks like his underwear stink. Look at that gorilla to the left of TPain…How Appropiate.

  15. man i dont believe that. i mean really any dude would try o hold on to the woman he got, especially if she gon come to the strip club n play around too n then take you back to the house n well u kno the rest

  16. oops… that should be to and not an o

  17. T Pain isn’t unattractive he simply need not do certain things to himself like those teeth and hook up the locs better.

    Concerning his wife as one commented on her status. It’s more than just the wife who’s effected it’s the children as well. It’s a shame how careless people are with this stuff rather this is true or not in this case it happens and a bit too often. Not to say women don’t cheat as well but unfortunately men are taught it’s cool for them to be with more than one woman and even expected as if it’s in their nature (ha try lack of self control which is a weakness not an example of what it is to be a man)

    And if the wife choses to stay I hope it’s because she’s choosing to forgive her husband and decided that they’re going to work this one out not on some hot ghetto I’m still wifey mess!!

  18. t-pain is aight depending on the lighting. Ms.cherry is not cute. i saw her on that show miss rap supreme and she always grabbed her crothch when she was rapping, made me think she had something down there. She does not look like a female, she look like a man. i never ever thought she was cute at all. I dont know how drunk those two got when they did it but lawd have mercy!!! At least we know theres a God out there cuz as ugly as those two are, the baby came out looking real cute, thank you jesus alleluyer!!!!!!

  19. Yes it is true. Kingston is now 1 years old. He is beautiful and yes amber knows. They were together before he became popular and Ms.Cherry broke it off when she found out he was married. But whats done is done.

  20. him and miss cherry got a kid anyway its a rumor he seem faithful

  21. well this is some pretty interesting stuff going on in the rap game first t pain goes and makes himself a fortune then word spreads around that he too has dirt and lil wayne sells a mil the first week and has a baby by who the hell knows in ohio and supposedly knocked up nivea and superhead too what the hell? make ur money and get yourself off by buying a sick ride and pay for it once instead of paying support for 18 years

  22. thats his baby. t-pain needed some sister pu$$y lol. Get em cherry. just dont date him any more u can do better but ur child i cute.

  23. why yall cant believe thats his child? do u guys not believe he would cheat on a white girl with a black women? Come on and if that was a lie t-pain sho aint defending himself.
    The kid is his!

  24. his wife is mixed actually. she just light as hell tho. I love T-pain but him having a child outside of his marriage is NOT surprising

  25. yeah i hav alwayz luvd t pains songs n everythin bout him n i labelled all my clothes as t pain back in school n liked singing his songs i luv u tpain.he is fly…………

  26. i luv tpain ,da bartender song n shawty n all many things bout him his voice jst turns me on

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  29. I was looking everywhere and this popped up like nothing! Babies and small animals probably love you.

  30. Thank you again. Such a deep answer! I am shocked at how fast your page loaded on my cell phone.

  31. That cleared it up for me. Hey, that is a clever way of thinking about it.

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