Tiammi(left),Harvey(center)and Junior (right)

Model and British television personality Jordan Katie Price has three children:Harvey,Princess Tiammi,and Junior. Her first born son,Harvey*, resulted from Katie’s past relationship with Dwight Eversley York,a Trinidad and Tobago soccer player. Jordan Katie Price is now married to Pop singer Peter Andre,with whom she has two children Tiammi and Junior.

*Please be sensitive to the fact that sweet little Harvey suffers from a condition called septo-optic dysplasia,which pretty much means that he is blind.

~ by blackcelebritykids on April 30, 2008.


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  2. I hope he doesnt grow up being treated any differently….just doesnt look like he belongs…

  3. To Katie and Peter God bless you guys. Keep up the good work and always love your children no matter what.
    Love ya.


  4. when are you doing the tv show i miss it


  5. i love harvey


  6. Harvey is disgusting! :S


  8. ur kids r gawjus INCLUDING HARVEY !!!!!!!!

  9. all ur kids are great i love u xx

  10. i love katie price shes my idol she proper gawjous so is her husband and kids i love her underwear and her home accessories im 15 years old but i want to be like her when im older xxx clarice xxx

  11. harvey is proper cutiest so is the otheres but hes the cutiest kid ever lol i also love the tv show its fab and i hope my mum buys me the bedding it boss xxx id love to see katie and her family id be soo made up there all fab xxxxx clarice mc xxxxx

  12. i think katie price does an absolutly brilliant job with harvey he is so sweet

  13. awwwww i love you all to bits i love the show all the kids are gorjus carnt belive how much princess looks like u both x

  14. i love u katie i am only 11 and when i grow up i want to be like u in every way surgey career and all i love u soo much love u

    aimee 11 scotland xx
    ps how did u tell ur mum and dad u wanted to be a glamour model?

  15. omg!!! this family is gorgeous katie is so beautiful and peter is so good to his kids and his wife. I wish them all the best of luck!!! and harvy is so sweet and innocent. please get the show going again i loved it u guys are crazy!!!!!

  16. adopted or something?

  17. hi you all

  18. I love katie price, she’s like 1 of my idols she is gorgeouss and i think all her kids are beautiful!! Lotsa love xx

  19. Katie spoil everyone little girl want copy Katie act!!! stop it grown up all GIRLS! not follow her ass!

    she is bitch! I not like her way act and slag not copy her way!

  20. If Harvey’s got septo-optic dysplasia, what’s Princess Tiaammi’s excuse? We can all see how butt ugly that face of hers is. What’s with Jordan’s gene that render her curly-haired kids so retarded? Junior is absolutely gorgeous & he happens to lack the curly hair.

  21. I would love to shag Jordan

  22. Haha harvey is so gross.

  23. If you want to post comments about Jordan or Peter, then go ahead, they are adults who put themselves out there, but PLEASE leave the children alone! They are young innocent children, who don’t need your comments. If you can be that cruel to them, by your comments, then what does that say about you! Ever heard of Karma?

  24. Is that disabled child there kids if it is OMG or did they just foster it?

  25. Absolutely disgusting people.

    And Colleen, those adults have chosen to put their kids ‘out there’ in their thirst for fame at any cost. Those poor kids have every element of their lives exposed and pimped out to the media because their grotesque parents are greedy and fame hungry. With the amount of money Jordan and Peter Andre have got they could retire to a luxurious, quiet and private life but what do they do? They splash themselves and their family all over magazines and that chav TV channel ITV2.

    And who the fuck are these people, really? Jordan: a completely false, surgically ‘enhanced’, not particularly pretty tit model. Peter Andre: A washed up pop star (well, one hit wonder) who had faded into obscurity until he started shagging the grubby old tit model. And these are ‘idols’ for future generations? Christ help us.

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