Kim Porter and her twin daughters D’Lila and Jessie in their $150.00Marc Jacob’s multi-spot jumper are on the cover of JET magazine,the May issue. The twins’ other siblings are also featured in the magazine. To see more pictures of Kim Porter and her twins, head over to [THEYBF]

~ by blackcelebritykids on May 1, 2008.


  1. Much respect to Kim Porter, I love her for her mature and nonsense aire that she brings out in every interview that I read. I’m also a mother of 8mth old twin girls and it’s not a easy task being with limited help and support from the father….However, I remain to keep the faith and pray that things will get better for the sake of my children….Remain the Strong Kim that I love to read about….

  2. The twins get cuter and cuter as they get older.

  3. they are really cute

  4. any one have the whole thing
    its a pix inside of her and all her kids

  5. these girls are soo gorgeous!!! beautiful little princesses.
    but I really want them to stop with the “moving on” pieces. they’re constantly seen on dates together.

    either way Kim and the little ones look great

  6. I think its a shame that Jet has Kim “Omirosa” Porter on the cover, what has she done, but, gold-dig herself to where she’s at., its ridiculous!! She seems sooooo slimey, getting pregnant intentionally soon after she found out about Diddy’s other baby-momma. I recall Puffy mentioning how and I quote, “someone got their dates mixed up”. And the same with their first one, Christian., Diddy denied that was his baby too. Thats why she is sooooo adament in saying that “Christian is Puffy’s clone,his mini twin”, blah,blah,blah!!!! Although the girls are really cute, little sumo-wrestlers. Ya just wanna tackle them and squeeze their cheeks. And as for Kim, she’s looking her aged. Im so sick of her and her simpleness! She tries to come off that Diddy is soooo in love with her., but the REALITY is he dont want to wife you, and if he does Im sure he’ll continue to cheat since she continues to allow it time and time again. She really needs to leave Diddy alone and move on, he dont respect her., obviously!!! Whats wrong with this chick???!!!! Im tired of black media glorifying such utter and complete-nonsense.

  7. Y is she on the cover? No wonder Jet circulation is declining.
    Kim claim 2 fame is being Puffy’s kids ma 3x.
    She has or had ‘3brownsistas’ in Atl or NY, but what happened 2 that?
    Model:4 who? What clothing house? What campaign? Where r the pics?

    Actress: in what? Does she even have a SAG card? Appearing in rocaFella homemade movies isnt acting.


  9. They’re getting soo big, just adorable fa real…

  10. ya these twins rely look like there mom.i think that even if your in the darkness you cannot put a spoon of food in the nose thats it and nice time

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