Christopher Wallace Jr. a.k.a Biggie Smalls Jr. a.k.a. Little Biggie is pictured with his mother Faith Evans at “Notorious” (The life and death story of Notorious B.I.G.) movie wrap party on May 10th.

Just a few days ago, singer Faith Evans and eleven year old son Christopher Jr were spotted again on the set of “Notorious,” a biopic on Faith’s late husband, the Notorious BIG. To see a picture of the late Notorious Big,CLICK HERE


~ by blackcelebritykids on May 14, 2008.


  1. Biggie looks just like his father. May he be sucessful like his parents. Give my regards to Faith’s other children as well.


  2. […] Just a few days ago, singer Faith Evans and eleven year old son Christopher Wallace Jr were spotted on the set of “Notorious,” a biopic on Faith’s late husband, the Notorious BIG. “Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack.. With the hat to match…” Peep another photo here. […]

  3. must he be so huge? well maybe if my father was arguably the greatest rapper ever i’d try and be big and fat like him.

  4. her and big was not tight like that, i guess now she gonna try and eat off his name. wow

  5. To Nasty: Doesn’t matter if they were tight like that or not…thing is Biggie (chose) to Faith and Faith did give birth to (Biggies) son…its not about her trying to do nothing. Its done.

    Little Chris looks just like his late father….or I guess he is trying to eat off his fathers name too huh? Wow is right.

    Much Love Faith and Family….keep ya heads up.

  6. Oops…. correction “Biggie chose to marry Faith ..and Faith (did) give birth to Biggies son…its not about her “trying” to do anything, its done.” In other words…get over it.

  7. yep@ deecy….Lil Kim was pregnant by him too but he made her have an abortion. I think that pretty much speaks for itself

  8. He looks just like both of his parents.

  9. He has Biggies looks and her color. With a little darker foundation he’d be identical. Cute kid. I like Faith.

  10. Hes adorable may god bless him in life

  11. I dont think Biggie’s son will ever live up 2 be his dad.

  12. he doesnt have to live up to being his dad. he can just be himself

  13. people are so cruel. him being fat is just his genetics. faith is naturally big and so was his dad, dont do that to children. geesh!

  14. Faith once said that lil biggie can sign like her rap like Big. So he is bound to blow up. He is just as fine as his fine daddy may his fine azz rest in peace. I love me some BIG! So fine!

  15. Him being big isn’t in his genes. His weight came from being overfed and raised in a house of over eaters. As far as his looks, he’s a cute kid. I see some of his father in him but I don’t see him as being the spitting image. Biggie wasn’t the handsomest man on earth. Talented, yes. Intelligent, definitely. But handsome? Not so much.

  16. red and black lumber jack with the hat to match

  17. hey lil biggie smalls

  18. hope he won”t suck like his mot********n father who got pac killed or he”ll follow his father

  19. What the FUCK is Wrong with you “mas”! How the FUCK you making death threats too??? HUH??? Seriously your gonna threatin A CHILD! You need to stop acting like you fuckin know shit! Your a stupid ass ignorant son fo a bitch and you need to check yourself before you speak. Its because of damb ass ignorant people likee you that they’re both dead. You need to realize that that stupid ass West Coast East Coast shit is OVER!…if you hadn’t noticed! For the precise reason that it took away music’s two best rappers! DUMB IGNORANT FUCK! YOU NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP! CUZ YOU AIN’T SHIT!

  20. *WHO

  21. R.I.P. Biggie!
    I feel you.. always will.

    Paramaribo – Suriname

  22. lil biggie..i mean when i watch dauh movie he remind me of him lol i wonder is he older than me lolz

  23. Regardless of the negative comments, people need to understand that Biggie and Tupac were legends. Both were poets with beautiful souls who just had the hunger to make it in this business and be loved by their fans. Little Biggie is very blessed to have such an iconic man to be his father and I’m sure he knows it. LOVE ALWAYS PREVAILS OVER EVIL AND IGNORANCE. R.I.P to the greatest men of hip hop!

  24. I didn’t expect to read what I read. Don’t quite know what I expected but believe it or not I just finish viewing the movie. INCREDIBLE!!!! However, to throw shots at his son…. Please. One thing is for sure, CJ AINT WANTING FOR S__T!!!! May GOD Bless the ignorant people that expressed their kindergarten education and most of all may HE continue to keep HIS hands on the family.

  25. Il est trop beau, il ressemble à son père !!!

  26. He looks just like his dad, its good to see these celeb kids
    this a great site that shines the light on the offspring

  27. wow the comments are crazy on this post. . . goes to show you, once its posted its posted SMH. I wish them good luck in whatever they do. He had a good pops that left too soon. It is a lot for a kid to think about in recognizing who his father really was. Whether he follows in his foot steps or not everyone will always know his lil name. Good luck Lil big and stay strong “Faith”. that was a heck of a lot to go through. May god Keep you always

  28. This goes out to both Pac and Biggie, two of the most wonderful legends of rap–I pray peace is finally yours. To the families, (especially the kids), draw closer to one another and love each other like its your last day. Ignorance is a very powerful demonic force that will consume you if you allow it to, these two beautifully talented men were victims of a select group of individuals that allowed ignorance to devour them. And as for CJ, he is a very handsome young man. I think he looks just like his beautiful mother and his handsome father. He doesnt have to live off either parent, as long as he knows that the sky is the limit-he can do and/or be whatever he’d llike. Some ppl are so petty in their thinking, and oh yeah, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder-and should never only be judged in ones physical appearance.

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  30. Happy New Year to All!

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