Rapper Nelly has a message for parents who blame Hip-Hop music for their children’s bad upbringing:Raise Your Own Kids. In a recent interview with Voice-Online, the Grammy-Award winning rapper says that he is a responsible parent to his two biological children(pictured) and his two adopted ones:
When asked if he had any regrets in putting out his controversial “Tip Drill  video ,Nelly replied:
“Hell no. You only regret things when you believe you’ve done something wrong. I did nothing wrong. That video was created for adults, to be aired at an adult time. I didn’t make that video for kids. I didn’t force any female to be in the video or to do anything they didn’t wanna do. The girls in the video were all professional dancers– they worked in strip clubs. That’s what they did!” “The people who complain about rappers needing to set a better example, don’t wanna be accountable for raising their own children. How is it that my daughter’s never seen Tip Drill?It’s because I have an understanding with my daughter. I tell her that she’s not allowed to watch BET (Black Entertainment Television) after a certain time. And to make doubly sure she doesn’t watch it, I block it after certain hours.”Take the time to block it, people! People wanna get mad at me, yet they’re not taking every precaution to make sure that their kids can’t access the things they don’t want them to.”
Nelly says he would be bothered if his daughter one day decided to become a video girl but that the decision would be hers:

Maybe I wouldn’t like it. But when she’s a grown woman, she’ll be free to make her own choices.”

So What is Nelly’s message to parents ? “Raise your own kids”:

Back in the day, our parents took responsibility and I’m doing the same. I’m not gonna leave it to Lil Wayne, or Jeezy or Amy Winehouse to raise my kids. I love those artists but it’s not their job to raise my kids. That’s my job. I’m sure this isn’t a new theory, so how about we just raise our kids? How about that?”

Nelly’s parenting responsibilities were doubled in recent years, when, following the death of his sister, he gained custody of her two children. Nelly’s sister Jackie Donahue died in 2005, following a lengthy battle with leukemia:

“I don’t know if you ever really get over something like that,” he says. “I’d never lost anyone so close to me. That was my first time of experiencing tragedy to that magnitude. When you’re dealing with leukemia, you’re literally watching a person die and it was truly heart-wrenching watching that deterioration.It’s still tough but we’re getting through it. I say I have four kids because I have my nephew who’s 16 and my niece who’s 12. I’m like father to them, even though I’m not the father that’s there every day. But when I am home, I have one big Brady bunch and I love it. They all keep me going.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on May 29, 2008.


  1. I agree 100 percent with nelly. It was made 4 adult ent. People should monitor their children.

  2. I agree parnets need to be more involved with their children. Don’t blame rappers and rap music for the decisions that young black men and women make. If parents do there job your children will be able to understand the difference between reality and music. There’s nothing wrong with hip hop. The problem is when parents leave it up to artist to raise their kids. When something goes wrong parents want to blame anyone but themselves. Take the time to love, teach, hug, kiss, and protect your kids everyday.

  3. i was also tight that spelman didn’t let him do his blood drive and lecture about leukemia. there are people out there that need to be educated on that. just because they had a problem with what he was doing as an artist, shouldn’t interfer with what he is tryna do as a man. he could have found a potential donor for his sister and others, and they wanna get a political & shit. i wonder if they let other rappers perform at their schools asnd atuff? i bet they do. that shit was ass backwards. i agree with nelly though.

  4. Question: On several occasions, he’s mentioned that he’s never at home. He seems to always be in Vegas, ATL, or New York. Aren’t his kids in St. Louis? How is he raising them? Over the phone? Are they with him most/all of the time? Where’s the Mom? I’m sure she’s playing a major role in the parenting. The parenting can’t be 50/50 because of his profession. He’s naive to think his daughter has never seen tip drill.

  5. wat is he on about this guy is out there pimping girls and doing only god knows imagine when his children find out. bet they will be disgusted with them

  6. If Nelly says he takes care of his kids i believe him. I’ve seen them with him in alot of pictures so i believe he takes them with him. And on occasions when i met him they were there. I think he is a family oriented man even though I’ve never seen his childrens parents. And maybe his child has never seen Tip Drill I haven’t and i’m grown. Ya’ll don’t know what goes on in his personal life so shut the hell up about it and worry about your own children. Why would they be disguisted with the video anyway its what pays the bills. She’s young and probably not worried about boys, sex, or them half-naked females in that video. I believe he’s a good father or atleast tries to be.

  7. I agree with Crazyinalabama I saw them at bout 3 of his concerts i went to and i aint never seen they mom either. His other two kids are his niece and nephew his sister died and where is their dad. If he takes care of them thats fine some children don’t have a home at all. And if they watch his videos thats cool too they was gone see them eventually. My dad is a producer and i have seen plenty of rappers with their children at awards shows and everything.

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