Byron Allen, the host of talk shows Entertainers with Byron Allen and Comics Unleashed, and his wife, producer Jennifer Lucas are expecting a baby girl  due on August 29.The couple were photographed at the Ivy restaurant on June 3.


~ by blackcelebritykids on June 7, 2008.


  1. Let’s pray the baby does not look like mother nor father.. Both homely looking and fug! I suspect the baby will overcome their combined fugliness..

  2. NEWSFLASH to Luna…Perhaps the reason he married her is because he didn’t want to deal with individuals as insecure as you, who would call out his manhood because he decided spend the rest of his life with someone he loved. You bleed shallowness. Here’s something that will blow your mind: We live on a giant sphere that is suspended in space that goes on forever. And yet there you sit, dwelling on the idea that someone’s desire to be happy may include not marrying someone of the same race. Simple minded people. Wow I think Obama is the greatest thing for those fools that think loyalty to your race is the most important thing in life. If I’m not mistaken he was raised by a white mother and he turned out pretty dam well. READ A BOOK please

  3. Hey luna and cranberry, you seem pretty angry at someone you don’t even personally know. To Not ignorant,there is noting wrong with Obama marrying in his race. It would be the first time a black man..and black women were in the white house. While white men and white women have been their for generations. Plus Sarah palin would be the next vice prez if the republicans win. I also expected the media to liftup sarah palin and try to paint michelle obama as the witch.

  4. Notbuyingit scours this site for anything anti-interracial. Then he/she/it posts and rants under random names (Notignorant ,anyom,etc) to champion her tragic -mulatto causes! YADDA YADDA YADDA @Notbuyingit

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