Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon,husband Michael Nilon, and their fraternal twins Jax Joseph (l) and Jaid Thomas (r), 8 months, attended the “A Time for Heroes” celebrity carnival to benefit The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatic Aids Foundation on 06/08/08. To See first takes,CLICK HERE


~ by blackcelebritykids on June 9, 2008.


  1. Must be the money… babies cute as buttons though… but it’s the money.

  2. The mother is gorgeous, that B is friggin 41 years of age.. WTF?? Cute kids, daddy is a lucky fella.
    I think it’s love, cause she’s been with him for years..

  3. why when black women marry white men everybody says its for money instead of love

  4. What does her husband do? I have never heard of him and he nor she looks that prosperous.

  5. I’m guessing its impossible for her to actually like him.

  6. white man by any means necessary

  7. @jess: why? because he’s not a thug? because he can conjugate a verb? or because he isn’t wearing the equivalent of a suburban home on his back while not being able to meet his monthly credit card bills on time?

    ever consider that the guy just might be nice, and intelligent, and love her (and the kids)? and vice-versa?

    naw…that would be too revolutionary a concept!

  8. @ caratime2: That’s what I was saying, I think there in love. I was being sarcastic, because of the earlier comments about her wanting him for money.

  9. Love or not…that man is one ugly mothaf*** for real. LEts be real we all know she could have done so much better. she is pretty

  10. caratime2 u a wite girl who probably got paid by a blak women maried 2 a wite man.an aint nutin rong wit a thug..dey look way betta than her husband!!! an iz u trynna stat sum youtube shit by sayin dat he can conjugate a verb i meen wt does conjugate meen..an blak men can pay dey bills jus as much as wite men if they culd but they gettin turned down from jobs cause dey probly jus got outta jail 4 sellin dope 4 trynna pay dey bills and trynna provide for dey family

  11. caratime2 i meant 2 say dat u was a wite gurl who got paid by a blak lady married 2 a wite man 2 rite dat comment..my b i left dat out in my not.. ya digg!!

  12. Wow, m!@m!@lld@y, why does caratime2 have to be a white girl just because she thinks possible suitors don’t necessarily have to be thugs? You sound like you personify all that is wrong in the black community today. So sad!

  13. Furthermore, your veiws regarding the attractiveness (or lack thereof) of Garcelle’s husband are completely irrelevant. But since we are on the irrelevant, I think any man who is taking care of his children and loving his wife is devine. You need to develope a vocabulary and learn to speak proper English so you won’t have to rely on that “thug” who makes his living by illegal means… because he will inevitably find himself in jail or dead. I guess that lifestyle is hot. (And for the slow, I’m being VERY VERY sarcastic with that last comment).

  14. She’s the actress, wouldn’t she be the one who has more money? I have no idea what he does but, I mean really, can’t they just be two people in love who saw past the other’s skin and wallets? Damn.

  15. @m!@m!@lld@y


    girl, bye!

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