I know one thing for sure, I have an active child on my hands! Lately, this son of mine has been doing a lot of kicking, punching and who knows what else! It is a little uncomfortable sometimes but I love knowing that he is getting exercise and having a good time in there. Besides, I know all of that activity helps babies to develop so it is all good.

In general, the pregnancy is still going very well and I am about 7 months now. Everything is on point and I have not been having any troubles. Traveling can be uncomfortable for me so I am glad I am getting to the point where I will not be flying until after the baby is born. I was on a flight from New York the other day and started thinking about the fact that it would be one of my last flights without a child. I am not looking forward to traveling with a baby. I always feel so bad for people when their baby starts crying on a flight and everyone looks at them as if they can control it. People can be so rude and inconsiderate sometimes. Of course it is annoying for all of us other passengers but hey, it is apart of life and nothing to get upset about. When I am flying, my main focus is on getting home safely. By the way, you may come across some photos of me at LAX at the baggage claim because their where paparazzi there taking photos. Of course they get on my last nerve but at least I looked half way decent! They just wait around for “celebrities” to come through(PICTURED ABOVE).

 I was in New York shooting a commercial and print ad for Palmers Cocoa Butter products. They have a wonderful line of products for pregnant woman that help prevent/reduce stretch marks. I have been using Palmers since as long as I can remember as it was a household name growing up. Once I got pregnant, I started using their Tummy Butter and thank god it has been working for me. I truly do recommend this product to all women because it really works well!  Anyway, keep a look out for me baring my belly in the Palmers ads because it will not be long before they are printed and in various magazines.

Well, it won’t be much longer before CJ is here and I can hardly wait! I guess I will start working on my baby registry and order his baby furniture this month!

I will keep you guys posted on his progress. Thanks for your interest and support!


~ by blackcelebritykids on June 17, 2008.


  1. Laila, If you are having any digestive or bloating issues with the pregnancy, I know of some great remedies.

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