Father’s day this year will have a lasting impression on Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker Demarcus Ware.The Pro linebacker and his wife Taniqua adopted their three-month old daughter Marley after three failed pregnancies, just in time for fathers’ day. After the stillbirth of their son Omar Ware in 2006,the Ware’s at one time felt defeated :“That was the low point,” Taniqua said. “To go to the hospital and give birth and coming home with nothing. You don’t know how to react.“You’re angry, hurt, upset.”
The Ware’s finally decided to adopt this year and with the help of a friend,they were able to welcome daughter Marley,named after Demarcus’ favorite reggae artist Bob Marley,into their home.

The Wares plan to try to conceive again and have talked about becoming foster parents.In the Meantime,Demarcus and Taniqua are working with a local adoption agency for which Demarcus hopes to become a spokesman.



~ by blackcelebritykids on June 18, 2008.


  1. They seem like they will be wonderful parents. Lucky little girl.

  2. Lucky little girl.

  3. That’s Beautiful

  4. The one with the dad holding his baby is one of the most beautiful pics I’ve ever seen.

  5. What a beautiful picture, what a beautiful family…:)

  6. Her eyes have such a pretty shape…congratulations to them…

  7. This is the cutest picture in the world. That’s what’s up. What a brilliant idea for a web site.

  8. […] A Dallas Cowboy’s struggle to adopt (BlackCelebrityKids) […]

  9. Great Pictures

  10. Wow–Nothing’s better than a beautiful, hunk-of-a-man, holding his kid! Swoon!!!

  11. سلام بر بچه پچلا

  12. this is nice and all…. but why adopt a White baby with all of these Black and Biracial children in the adoption system? and yes this baby is supposedly all White. I don’t understand it.

  13. Sorry, but that child looks black. Maybe biracial.. Watch the nose!!

  14. read the article Leah27!! maybe if you read it you would see the circumstances that led to them adopting this little girl.

  15. Leah you made a really good point.I agree.

  16. Um…when black or biracial children are born – they’re ethnicity isn’t always obvious. I looked straight up Asian as a baby, and let’s just say – I don’t look Asian now [lolz]. I agree, Black people should stick to adopting other children of color (due to the obvious need in our community). Watch how her looks change as she ages. I’m pretty sure she isn’t white.

  17. i agree with leah 27 yea why adopt a whit baby (no offense)

  18. too many black children need homes. sends a bad message when black couples of their stature are taking in white children – don’t care what the circumstances are.

  19. Some see a white baby; I see a black or biracial baby. Gee, could it be that none of us are qualified to conclusively determine an infant’s ethnic background from two photographs?

    *creepy little kid whispers* I see white babies.

  20. I think it doesn’t matter- black baby, white baby- all babies need good homes. They look wonderful together…

  21. Sooooo sweet…A man and a baby pictured like that moves me to tears…especially after the story…omg. Thank God they have been finally blessed.

  22. the baby could be green for what I care, I´m just happy they finally have the child they longed to have. God bless this family

  23. Most likely she’s bi-racial, I highly doubt that they would adopt a white child.

  24. Who cares what race Marley is. They adopted this beautiful baby because she was destined to be their little girl! Instead of asking why didn’t they adopt a black baby (as stated we do not know her race) and making it seem as though they are social misfits why don’t the black fathers who fathered the fatherless stand up and be men, maybe there would not be so many “black” babies who need homes.

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  26. That’s awesome! They’re the opposite of my family!

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