Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics lead a victorious win against the Los Angeles Lakers. Ray is pictured with his son after defeating the Lakers in Game Six of the 2008 NBA Finals on June 17, 2008.Ray and his wife Shannon Walker Williams(pictured below) have three children, 17-month old Walker,his daughter Tierra, a high school freshman,and a son named Ray III.However,it is his 17-month-old son Walker, recently diagnosed with diabetes, who has made the Celtics’ win a poignant one:


As he stood on the podium after the Celtics won the NBA title, Ray Allen held his 17-month-old son, Walker.It was a poignant moment for Allen. He spent the past three days tending to his toddler son, who was diagnosed with diabetes while the Celtics were in Los Angeles.Allen was with his son in an L.A. hospital Sunday, before struggling in a Game 5 loss.
“It was tough,” Allen said. “I can truly say my mind wasn’t in the game.”
Allen spent Monday with his son and flew to Boston overnight, arriving early Tuesday morning. Walker was feeling better and Allen was in the starting lineup for Game 6.
He wound up with 26 points and seven three-pointers, culminating a dizzying day.

“It’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to do this on this night,” Allen said. “All of us are pretty speechless.”


~ by blackcelebritykids on June 18, 2008.


  1. He kind of looks like Solange’s son.

  2. omg look at walker isnt he sooooooooooooo adorable !!!!!!!!!!! ❤

    last night they did sooo good i practectly cried with em i was sooo happy 🙂



  3. I LOVE this site, man, you guys come up with the best pictures AND information! I saw Walker last night after the game and I thought his mom was white but low and behold, BCK has the picture of the mom and i’m satisfied. Keep up the good work!

  4. his wife is georgeous…not fake like vanessa she is real!! I have always loved ray allen…congrats!!!

  5. The boys are so cute!

  6. Ray Allen’s my favorite basketball player. I’m extremely happy for him and the rest of the Celtics. I’ve been a huge fan since his days at UCON. I can’t wait until the season starts again. The last game I attended he said hello to me and posed for one of my pictures, so next season I’m going for an autograph.

  7. I don’t have nothing nice to say about him so…………..


  8. Wow Katrina, that’s the first time I ever heard anybody said that about Ray.

  9. his son is adorable….. i watched the entire nba playoffs and the finals, i knew boston would win I LOVE KG AND RAY ALLEN!

  10. I did like Ray until this. What is it with these black guys getting married to someone other than a black woman. This is why the black ethnic group cannot get ahead as a whole.

  11. I agree TJ!! It would be nice to see a strong black woman behind a strong black man.

  12. Katrina, I don’t know what pic. you looking at but she is a light skinned sister.

  13. yall folks is crazy but anyway congrats ray your kids are so cute i would love to meet you 1 day im a black girl who stay in memphis tn.

  14. oh i almost 4 got tj u is so damn right he needs someone who is strong and black noy caucasian [or however u spell it] 2 stand b-hinde him and not no body like SHANNON “ALLEN”

  15. MRA ,Thats kind of racist. She could be a strong woman. You only say that because she is not black.

  16. i know Ray Allen and his family they are real nice

  17. Here’s an excerpt from page 73 of the Book “The Miracle Of Stevia” by James A. May : “How much stevia concentrate she used I do not know. Her friend suggested that she swallow the stevia by the teaspoonful, plus add it to everything she ate. When she called me a few weeks later, I could hardly understand her through the sobs and tears. THE DOCTOR HAD TAKEN HER OFF INSULIN AND HER LEG HAD IMPROVED SO MUCH THAT AMPUTATION WAS NO LONGER REQUIRED. For the first time in years she could walk…..”

  18. Ray Allen Is A hero, and his wife doesnt have to be black for her to be a strong woman, thats the problem yallr more racist than white people are

  19. I am black, but i disagree with the comments that he needs a BLACK Strong woman, becuase if he those look at O”neal he had a Black woman and look at what she did to him

  20. ah for all you folks that are hating on the beautiful shannon walker williams allen,lol…….she is related to my children and sorry to bust your bubble, but she is half black (cape verdean). her dad is white (no big deal) and her mom is black. shannon has known ray for a very very long time. from what i hear she is a very nice person. damn, can’t we just focus on ray being an awesome player instead of writing comments about shannon. goodness, some folks let that race crap rent space in their heads!

  21. what a beautiful family!!! my kids wish they could meet you someday shannon. they are silvas….from carver

  22. I love all colors, especially those that share their talents with the world…GO CELTICS…May we all get color blind and learn to respect our sameness more than our differences…and could we get Dwight Howard’s elbows registered as dangerous weapons????

  23. I love ray allen so much. I’ve been wanted 2 meet him so bad. I pray everyday tht I do but I kno the chances of me meeting him are very slim. . I hope soon I get 2 meet him 2 have my wish come true. im from pasadena , ca

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