[Mel B and daughter Angel Iris earlier this month]

Melanie Brown(Mel B) wants revenge against the father of her one-year-old daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown:

Mel B is set to get her revenge on ex-lover Eddie Murphy on her new solo album. The former Spice Girls singer, who has a 14-month-old daughter Angel Iris with the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ actor, has penned a hate-filled track to vent her frustration at Eddie, who she claims rarely sees Angel.

She told Britain’s New! magazine: “The working title on my new song is ‘Beverly Hills C**k’ because that is what he is. He never bothers with his daughter. I mean, what kind of man is that?” However, Mel has admitted she may have to tone down the lyrics because Eddie’s legal team have asked to hear the song before her LP is released.

She added: “His lawyers will be vetting the lyrics closely.” Eddie dumped Mel while she was pregnant with Angel, and then questioned the paternity of his baby. A DNA test later proved he was the father. Mel, 33, recently revealed she isn’t worried about going it alone and working on her third solo LP. She said: “I am not scared of having another try. I am working with the best producers ever. I am now 10 tracks in to my new record.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on June 19, 2008.


  1. I’m so proud of Mel B, stepping up and taking care of this baby even WITHOUT Eddie’s help – but I do wanna comment that I’m gettin’ hella tired of the mixed-matched clothes she keeps putting Ms. Angel in.

  2. Thank GOD she looks like her mother!!

  3. I love the little shoes Angel is wearing…and I think she should just forget Eddie, instead of writing a revenge song…she shouldn’t even waste time thinking about his dusty behind but more power to her…

  4. Eddie Murphy should be ashamed of there for your child regardless of what problems you have with ber mom.

  5. She is pretty!

  6. Mel B is an absolute STANK! Who gets pregnant after brief, sex-based relationship and then forces fatherhood on a guy who stated that he didn’t want more children? Eddie was-by all acconts- a good father to his other children before this Mel B mess.Her continued publicity stunts/attention grabs have me convinced that she’ll do anything to climb up from the D- list.

  7. Also, I think its just terrible that she is using the baby for her own personal gain. And why does she insist on putting all those ghetto top-knots in Angel’s hair? She never has her eldest daughter out like that.

  8. Regardless of what you may think of Mel B., please remember that she did not make the baby on her own. Eddie’s behind CHOSE to skinny dip with this chic which makes him as much to blame for the pregnancy as she was. Nobody FORCED fatherhood on Eddie. He brought it on himself. Personally, I think Eddie needs to hurry up and come out of the closet instead of constantly trying to hide the fact that he is gay as a picnic basket!!

  9. inmyopine,
    It takes two to tango. How did she “force” fatherhood on Eddie when “He” was the one who got her pregnant? Eddie is a grown man who knows how children are made. If Eddie didn’t want any more children, he should’ve gotten a vasectomy or used protection. It’s just as much of his fault that she conceived. He should’ve known better. He definitely wasn’t trying to prevent it. Why have unprotected sex with someone you were just having a sex-fling with? He was pretty stupid and he brought all of this on himself.


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