Rapper LaRon Louis James a.k.a Juelz Santa, is pictured with his 3 year-old son LaRon James jr. aka JuJu. Juelz Santana came into fame following his appearances on rapper Cam’ron’s 2002 singles, “Oh Boy” and “Hey Ma”(wikipedia).

Trivia: Did you know that Juelz Santana is of African American and Dominican descent?(wikipedia)

Thanks Dashon!


~ by blackcelebritykids on June 19, 2008.


  1. Man, the camera was ALL UP in that kid’s face without any REMORSE…let the kid breathe!!!!…lol.

  2. lolz…i love his eyes…so open and inquisitive! juju is such a cute nickname!

  3. What a handsome little guy-and he just has the most gorgeous eyes.

  4. how cute are they?!?!? JuJu’s eyes are so breath-taking!

  5. cute kid

  6. he’s adoraaaableeeeeee

  7. Aww he’s a cutie. He looks like daddy.


  9. scary eyes man !

  10. omg waht ahpend to da baby man gosh it f scarry i hav to agree with kayy kayy

  11. omg waht ahpend to da baby man gosh it f scarry i hav to agree with kayy kayy

  12. Is it just me or does the child look like he needs a nutritionist? Maybe skittles, mt dew and fast food aren’t nourishing choices for a growing child? …Just sayin…very cute though.

  13. the kid looks scary

  14. he does look kind of odd.

  15. Oh wow, why did they name him “JuJu” I hope it isn’t an omen.

  16. who is the baby mum

  17. Yes es destiny n hearn about my man laron means so much wit n to roctober to the times of the year n to what my man brings as to through life n what matters wit my life wit my man laron to laron jr juju n to the family to debbi n evelyn when it comes to ju es so much to me to what mi man laron to the years wit bein born to be bold n as for the times for santo domingo n always our times bein wit laron since april 2002 “! everythn to us always es Juelz&Destiny!xoxooxoxoxo from “Dr to dr!” since 2002″! always!

  18. ES Juelz&Destiny ! Always “! exspecially for laron jr ju n to me !” es dr always for Juelz&Destiny ! since 2002 n always es !” es laron&Destiny!” akaxooxoxo” juelz&Destinyxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox”! always”!

  19. Es Juelz&Destiny n laron jr ju! always since 2002″! always will be”! por la good times to jealousy es Juelz&Destiny!” always ” xoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxox”!

  20. Es Juelz&Destinyxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo en always “! from dr to dr “! always will be “!

  21. Yes es destiny n when i here about jr i was just en the heights n with abuela n madre debrah like ohhh papi laron tellz me how i am when we are when were out means alot to me anyhow as for beion n santo domingo Dr es like yeh when it comes to laron jr bein with him “! anyhow es Juelz &Destiny!”xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo always since april 2002 es goodtimes wit me and laron “! always”!

  22. es Destiny Rodriguez en just hearin about laron jr es so much to papis career to the musica dt laron brings to the birth of the skulls with n what for to wht n who anyhow as of who i am with bein home doin hair from home watching tv en es remeberin back to jrs 14kt bracelet paved dat says laron like laron n meaning to school n what he kws to father to papi to debrah i say eh cotazon es all with putin it down n la cocina on la mesa i say eh es ella y yo! to the fullest with born to win built to win with who my man laron means to and for family as dr to dr ! anyhow as of mi it means alot to me n all yo amor tu jr to daddie says eh si!anyhow es destiny here as wifey since april 2002! eh siJuelz&Destiny!xoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxxo

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