Both 50 Cent and his Ex Shaniqua Tompkins have put restraints on each other:


Rapper 50 Cent has filed a $20 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins. This comes on the same day a temporary restraining order was put in place following a request by Tompkins.On top of the temporary restraining order, the judge also was ordered to surrender any guns he may have.The $20 million defamation lawsuit was filed in Connecticut, and has to do a great deal with public accusations made toward 50 Cent by his ex-girlfriend after his 5,200 square foot mansion was burned to the ground.

The mansion was the home of his ex-girlfriend, and was the center of a heated battle between the two.Tompkins, along with their 11-year old son as well as four others had to flee the house after it caught fire.Police have stated that the fire is suspicious, but 50 Cent has denied any involvement in it.
50 Cent’s attorney, on top of the defamation suit, filed a visitation petition claiming that 50 Cent has not been able to see his son since the fire took place.

~ by blackcelebritykids on June 22, 2008.


  1. Does she even got that much money or is he settin’ his eyes on his “child support payment” funds that he’s given her over the years.
    Side note – not that he’s a peach or anything but Shaniqua is a beast! She’s well over 30 and still got all them damn break outs on her face, steady up infront of somebody’s camera. That’s nerve.

  2. One problem she probably doesn’t have $20. He can’t really think he’s going to get any money from her. Hell she was living in his house. Both of them need to stop.

  3. This is really get crazy! Its all about Money! Girlfriend better be grateful she is getting Child Support! Some people don’t get that~! Stuff like this makes me mad because tend to view all single mothers like this!

  4. Oh and we were tierd of Diddy and Kim Porter babymamma Drama!
    Nas babymamma don’t got nothing on this Chick!

  5. she is ugly something is fishy about her. i think she set the fire.they both need to stop their childish games and put their angry aside and do right for their eleven year old son.

  6. very childish!

  7. Can I ask you why you’re dedicating this site to black celebrity kids, and not just kids in general? It’s people like you that cause friction and racism.

    How would you feel if a white celebrity kids site was created, or white music awards, or a white hair magazine, etc..?

    It shouldn’t matter what colour someone is, you are very racist, and I find this site very offensive.

  8. Ok… lets look at this the adult grown and sexy way:

    I don’t know (or care too much to know) about the drama between those 2, but I do care about the child. Its funny how men and women will do everything it takes to get one over on their ex irregardless of whether it hurts the child or not. There is someone’s life on the line right now and it is the child.

  9. 50 cent is just being childish. the baby mom do ont have 20 million.Dude mad cause baby mom was living up in his crib with a new man! both of them going tit for tat.
    I wanna repond to “winchellm”..the person who is asking why this site exist for blackceleb kids? Well i am not the site owner but as a black female i am pretty sure it is not to promote racism. It is simply done so that blacks and their kids can get recognition that you and i both know they otherwise do not get on other site or mainstream magazines. For example,We both know that Brad Pitt can sell his baby pictures for 3 million dollars,. but neither Eddie , Murphey , Usher, Diddy or Will Smith could never. Mainstream sites and magazines feature whites not blacks..and do not have to explain why. It is just he way it is! WRITE THEM AND ASK THEM WHY THEY DO NOT FEATURE BLACK CELEBRITY BABIES AS EQUALLY AS THEY FEATURE THE WHITE ONES!!!


  11. @Foxxie

    I agree with you

  12. WOW, People are CRAZY! I am not on anybody side because I don’t know all the facts and either do most you. All we can look at is reason. Would someone burn do a house with their kid in it? I am just say, 50 or her. Shit does look a little fishy, but if we not an investigator or a judge we can’t be throughout false statements. If I was her I would have thought he did it, they just got in a fight in the street and 50 got mad cause she got her new boyfriend up in his house. If she burned it do she wouldn’t get the insurance because she don’t own it. And if she burned it down because she was being kick out in 30 days. She would have to worry about somewhere stay, but DEFINITELY NOW!!! If you burn the house you living in and like everyone has said she don’t have no money, you had have to have a plan(s) already worked out, where u gonna stay, what you gonna wear and how much money you got? I am not sayin I know anyone of them, and really don’t care. But think about it people what would she have to gain? She seem like she losin in this situation!

    PS Why every Black baby mama gotta be a golddigger! A babymama can’t go in court sayin I want 25,000 and get it. The judgment is base on what the father/mother is making. So if 50 cent makes 100,000 dollars a month than his babymama get 33%-/+ of that a month. NO MATTER WHAT!!

  13. cant blame 50cent who want to pay for a house so my ex bitch and another dude to live in it. beside a rear man will get his own place.these chick are crazy out here.

  14. Paleface here. Shocking comments. Brad Pitt’s baby photo’s cell for millions, but a black celeb child photo would not!!!?? What a load of nonsense. The reason people will buy pictures of Brad Pitt’s baby is because him and Angelina have adopted children!! If they were not adopted, then nobody would care. I guarantee if Will Smith adopted three polish children then it would be all over the papers.

    If any white celeb parent gets publicity, it’s because they want publicity. If a black celeb wanted publicity they would get it. Was it Will Smith who cast his own son in a film???
    I might write a novel and publish it under the “white writing” genre. Does one exist?

    Excuse my rudeness, but it may come across that I’m being racist, but I’m actually far from it, I’m just a little confused that’s all.


  16. Black women need to understand how the legal system operates. Women are not granted financial restitution for being “baby mothers.” Ms.Thompkins represents a Black woman who is indolent, uneducated, and not very ambitious. She has two children, fathered by two different men, and has never been married. Why would you allow your children to be exposed to a live in freelaoding man who happens not to be your husband! The fire , in my opinion, was ‘fishy.’ I beleive that she may have been responsible for setting that fire. She lost a court case, the child support was reduced to $6700/mo, she was asked to be eviceted in 30 days, and was asked to cover his legal fees. Why would 50 cents retaliate????

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