[BCK wonders whose doll Henry is strolling around]

Heidi Klum and kids Henry,2 1/2, Leni,4, and baby Johan,19months, spent Tuesday afternoon walking the streets of Greenwich Village in NYC. Heidi,her kids,her mom and her nannies enjoyed the afternoon stroll,stopping in between walks to grab ice cream. Looks like Henry is not so happy…Maybe he finished his ice cream a bit too early?


~ by blackcelebritykids on June 25, 2008.


  1. Heidi is married to Seal and their children bear his last name. Show some respect.

  2. i didn’t even catch that…with the last name…but aww poor baby…i wonder what was wrong lolz aww…

  3. Poor baby. Maybe he didn’t get his way or something. He’s probably going thru the terrible two’s!

  4. OMG, B-Nak, you don’t know how hard i just laughed at this. You know me and Henry go way back…..and I have to get him for this tantrum. Is she pullin’ his shirt back in that tantrum pic???

  5. why is he pushing a stroller with a doll in it?

  6. Seal (Seal Henry) Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel…Seal’s last name is Samuel …but thanks for the comment

  7. If Seal’s last name is Samuel then Henry’s name should read “Henry Klum-Samuel.” The father’s name comes last. My father uses both his mother and his father’s last name, and his father’s name comes last. Remember when Pamela Anderson was married to Tommy Lee? Her name was “Pamela Anderson Lee” not “Pamela Lee Anderson.”

  8. She needs to learn how to comb his hair. I cannot stand to see children with their hair looking a mess like that

  9. All she needs to do is keep his hair moisturized and it will be fine– a lot of black mothers miss this point and end up ruining their kids hair with “Just for Me” perm by the age of 6.

  10. OMG What year is it? He’s pushing a stroller with a baby, its a toy- he’s a child! I teach preschool and we have multi-racial dolls in the “nursery” for All the children to play with. Girls, boys, black, asian, white, whatever. Sorry but some black families really need to evolve. And I LOVE Henry, his wild hair and tantrums! And yes it does look like Heidi is about to yolk his behind up and give him the gritted-teeth mommy-grip “don’t even think about it!”…I love this family 🙂

  11. his hair makes him cute lol stop hatin on his natural naps ya’ll haha besides she probably doesn’t know anything about that haha and that the heck….he knows he does not need to be playing with a doll.

  12. he cute
    stop hating on him
    his hair is not that bad

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