A not-so-happy actress Halle Berry was spotted on her way Kinera Spa in Los Angeles on June 26th. Halle Berry’s baby girl,Nahla, is now 3 months old;Every one knows that it is not easy being a new mom!

Picture Source:Celebutopia


~ by blackcelebritykids on June 27, 2008.


  1. Everything will be OK,Halle!

  2. Has anyone ever seen her baby girl? She’s probably sick and tired of everyone following her around, even on her bad days. Keep your head up Halle!!!!!!!

  3. You will have a bad day to if you couldn’t walk outside without cameras in your face everyday. She’s tired of it and I don’t blame her. She’s human she wants her privacy as well. Stay focus on your baby girl and your career Halle.

  4. i wanna see the baby!

  5. If she is upset because of the paps then she needs to get over it. There is a price to pay for being a high-profile celebrity living in LA. She can always move to Montana if she really wants to rid herself of the photogs. Otherwise she shoudld get over it. She’s beautiful and rich and from all indications her child is healthy. Right now there are thousands of motherless children and grieving parents living in Darfur. I just can’t sympathize with these celebrities who get bent out of shape over a few paps outside their door.

  6. black is black..u just seriously made no sense…are u famous?? no i thought not..u dont know what it feels like and fyi sweetie when ur halle berry u dont have a “few” photographers outside of ur door..they follow her EVERYWHERE..just because she is rich with a healthy baby doesnt mean she should have people all in her window and chasing her car thats ridiculous..every1 deserves a break..cant go anywhere without questions and snap one wants to raise their kids around that crap..and why should she have to move to no mans land for the paps??? why should she run away…paps are sicko’s who cant get real jobs..and the people in Darfur have it bad no one said they didnt..but whats their correlation between halle and the paps? their is far as the eyes can see Halle is a good person..and u my dear..need to realize that money beauty and even healthy kids doesnt equal losing all privacy and respect for wanting to have some damn “me” time. tis all.

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