Kimora Lee Simmons, her boyfriend Djimon Hounsou, and her daughters Ming,8, and Aoki,5, are pictured leaving Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood on 6/27.

~ by blackcelebritykids on June 30, 2008.


  1. ming is so pretty. and aoki is a little diva just like her momma.

  2. She’s such a good hands on mom.

  3. I like the dresses all the girls are wearing. Kimora’s daughters sure are getting big!!

  4. Ming and Aoki look so pretty…and I really like the girly-girl dresses.

  5. they looks very cute

  6. wow..kimora is just a gold digger now her dum ass is making her ugly boyfriend rich.

  7. I actually think Kimora’s boyfriend is attractive. Not the finest man I’ve seen, but I wouldn’t characterize him as ugly.

  8. Djimon Hounsou doesn’t need Kimora’s money he is a well paid actor he can support himself very well. He is also very attractive once he gets rid of the grays. Plus Kimora earned her lifestyle stop hating it’s tacky.

  9. I’m kinda disappointed he’s dating her…she’s a vain idiot and I really like his work. I know acting has nothing to do with real life personality, but I’d like to imagine it does =/

  10. i loveeee ming and aoki!! i think aoki will have kimoras height because she is catching up with ming pretty fasT! they have so much personality on life in the fab lane..i dont like or dislike kimora as a person but i think from what i can see she seems like a good mom..and if she isnt good at anything else at least she’s that.

  11. yAwn

  12. these kids are pretty but for some reason they get on my nerves in these pictures.

  13. the simmons girls are spoiled rotten brats!!

  14. i agree with the last comment,they are spoiled rotten, and you know kimora relaxes their hair

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  16. you ain’t dymond???????????? and aoki and ming are cute but their mom should stop forcing them to be models,they can be whatever they want to be

  17. I love you kimora lee simmons…. you are the best and my role model… who said women can’t rule?

  18. their hair is sooooo relaxed dat is not dey real hair

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