P. Diddy’s step-son Quincy Brown(R) is pictured with Stylist Reno Valentine(L) right before a taping of Quincy’s MTV Stunna 16 episode.

Quincy’s real dad is none other than 80’s singer Al B Sure. Singer Al B Sure fathered Quincy with Kim Porter,the on-and-off girlfriend of mogul P. Diddy. For years,Quincy has known Diddy a.k.a P Diddy as his Step Dad and considers him to be like a father to him.


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “QUINCY BROWN!”

  1. Quincy is so handsome. I wonder how Al B Sure feels about him considering Diddy like a father? I guess you can’t go wrong with having two dads.

  2. I saw that episode. Diddy gave him the black card. Wow, I don’t think I would have ever came back. I woulda bought a car, a yacht, and two brazilian women…

  3. Spoilty

  4. you are so sexy

  5. Dang right quincy is handsome;]
    that boy is a whooole lota man;]
    what i would do to meet that boy. haha
    i saw him on My STUNNA 16; maaaan i almost fainted when I saw that baby face lookin boy, lol.;]

    Quincy..if you reading….CALL ME BABY;]

    Oh && heey yall..leave me something nice on my site:]

  6. haha “two brazilian women” … thats crzy . if he would’ve gave me that black card, trust me, that would’ve been the last time he saw that card

  7. hey quincy is foine!!!! much respect my boy!!!BTW…Caribbean girls are d hottest girls!!!(im from trinidad)

  8. He looks just like his daddy AL B Sure!

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