Connor Cruise,whose mother Nicole Kidman just gave birth to a baby girl,spent time with his sister Suri Cruise,the biological offspring of actress Katie Holmes and actor Tom Cruise. The family enjoyed fourth of July in Telluride, Colorado.


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 8, 2008.


  1. He actually looks like Tom Cruise. Weird!

  2. LOL-I’ve always thought Connor was Tom’s biological son because they look so much alike.

  3. I bet Ol’ Tom was dippin in some chocolate and tried to pass the kid off as adopted. Did’nt fool me.

  4. omg he does…never noticed that…

  5. Psh Tom knows that’s his real son lol

  6. Conner looks bored.
    What similarity are you all seeing?

  7. For real , i am convinced that Connor is probably his real kid the resemblance is uncanny .

  8. Ya, I’m not seeing no resemblance AT ALL! If anybody looks like Tom it’s Suri.

  9. I’m not seeing a resemblance, but he looks so bored but nonetheless cute!

  10. In photographs where Connor is smiling, he looks just like Tom. I am convinced he is biological and not adopted. Tom should claim him as he blood kin.

  11. That child ain’t hardley adopted. Some Black woman was being initiated into that scientology shyt by Tom Cruise.

  12. Connor is a scientology kid. He looks so robotic

  13. People see resemblances in people who they think are connected. Example a woman and a girl sitting on a bench, people will say the look a like when there not related.

    But anyways Connor has a dent in his chin, Tom doesn’t. Dents in chins are dominant traits, if Connor was his son Tom would have it too.

  14. ugh…when is their spacecraft carrying them all away??? xenu beam these freaks up already!!

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