Since giving birth to her baby Angel Mai just a little over four months ago,British singer Javine Hylton,26, has already lost 49lbs(3.5 stone). Although she has gone from 196 lbs(14 stone) to 147lbs(10.5 stone),still Javine will like to get down to her pre-pregnancy weight of 140lbs. 

This time when she posed naked for Closer magazine a second time,Javine said: “I feel much more confident posing naked this time. I feel proud of myself, even though I’m not in as good a shape as I’d like. My body has changed and my boobs are a bit bigger – although they’ve headed south!”.




~ by blackcelebritykids on July 9, 2008.


  1. This relationship I don’t have much hope for and I feel sorry that their precious baby is caught in the middle. The relationship started as an affair and no good can come if it. All know I was young and silly enough at a time in my life to be the other woman since I now have my own kids I have to say I respect myself far to much to be anybody’s good time girl. (know call Maryam for a good time.) If he cheated to be with you he will cheat on you.

  2. yhhh f***(excuse my language but i’m really vex) the both of them (hard face javine and stink harvey) i cant believe he cheated on my girl Alesha (former mis-eeq member) they are da epitome of NASTINESS!! and poor little innocent Angel Mai is caught up in the middle of these two!!! I HATE THEM

  3. Yeah Karma is a Booitch. That’s why you should always watch what you sow.

  4. Javine Who? Harvey What?? And here in America we should know and care because… Oh yeah, that’s right ! We have no idea who they are or what music they’ve made. Americans are not preoccupied with British pop-stars. Unless of course you are Chris Martin from Coldplay. Then you would have MY attention.

  5. I clicked on the related posts link. Looks like the baby came from an affair while he was married to someone else. IF this is true, I feel sorry for the baby but hope all the adults can work out their issues.

    But anyway it’s amazing how her body didn’t gain weight anywhere but in the belly. I mean her arms, legs and face are the same size in both pictures. Wow!

  6. Her belly is too big in that pic. They should have taken the pregnancy shot much earlier, around 6-7 months.

  7. she got man hands in her post picture lol

  8. yuck javine **spits on the floor* horse looking slag and harvey is the original waste man – y spend so long with alesha and then marry her to hurt her like that? I know noone ever really knows what goes on behind closed doors but yoru supposed to honour your vows

    They are both low lifes yuck yuck yuck

    Their poor beautiful baby… 😦

  9. javine is sooooooooo dam ugly nahh afta havin her beautiful daughter nahh she look fat in her face and has a huge ass gap between her teeth and 2 b honest harveys ex wife look way betta…but i tink harvey is still fine as hell but he shuldnt have did dat 2 his ex wife n shuldnt have went wit dis hoe but if he didnt lil angel wuldnt have been born….

  10. I think she looks hotter pregnant

  11. hi i kill him i love her pussy

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