In an interview with This Morning, British television personality Jordan Katie Price speaks about her eldest child Harvey,6.Katie’s son Harvey is partially blind and autistic and suffers from Septic Optic Dysplasia, a condition affecting the growth-regulating pituitary gland. Harvey resulted from Katie’s past relationship with Dwight Eversley York,a Trinidad and Tobago soccer player. Jordan Katie Price is now married to Pop singer Peter Andre. Katie and Harvey have two other kids Princess Tiammi and son Junior



~ by blackcelebritykids on July 11, 2008.


  1. she has gained huge respect from me, I taight she was just some model walking around half naked, you can tell she loves her son, so where is his father? Is he even invoolved in his son’s life?

  2. That is alot of work when u have a son that is disable like that, and then u have other kids that is Ok!

  3. His bio father never sees him katies husband peter is that boy’s daddy he even wants to adopt him

  4. Katie and Peter love my site

  5. It is SO messed up that his real father ( a black MAN, only be gender ) is so uninvolved with his life just because he’s different. Sickens me.

  6. Its a shame that the realfather is not their!

  7. Poor thing, I used to watch their show and it is really hard to take care of him. He’s 6 and he has to wear diapers and he’s in a wheelchair. I feel bad he isn’t healthy.

  8. How did this happen? She has been pregnant by a lot of men and had several abortions and miscarriages. I wonder if any of that is related to Harvey’s condition. Regardless that is a lot to deal with. She seems like a good mum.

  9. May I be on your blogroll?

  10. Karma it has to do with DNA not anything she may or may not have done in the past. The other son had to be tested at birth to see if he had it as well, as they had no way of knowing if it came from katie or the bio father.

  11. this woman is amazing!

  12. God bless and may you have peace.

  13. poor Harvey. she gained huge respect from me as well, seems like a fine mum and it broke my heart to hear that because Harvey is so unpredictable his sister and his brother can rarely go near him and can never be left in a room with him. respekt for katie and peter andre for taking good care of him.

  14. I’m kinda not feeling this website because of all the non-black women pictured with their kids. Please show more of the Black Celebrities and their kids and less of the white women and their multi-racial kids. And please no more photos of Madonna!!!

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