The Klum-Samuel kids, whose dad is singer Seal, were out and about on a family outing ON 7/11.Pictured are Henry and in baby Johan(in bib).

Model Heidi Klum has said recently that her husband is a great father to her children and even Leni,who is the model’s daughter from a previous relationship:

Heidi Klum says Seal is a “wonderful daddy”.The supermodel insists her singer husband is a fantastic father to the three children they raise together.

Heidi – who has two sons, two-year-old Henry and 19-month-old Johan, with Seal, and a four-year-old daughter Leni from a previous relationship – revealed: “Seal is a wonderful daddy. He never minded changing diapers, he loves to sing lullabies and he’s always 100 per cent there. We have that in common as parents.”

Heidi – who was pregnant with Leni when she first started dating the singer V recently revealed although Formula One team boss Flavio Briatore is Leni’s biological father, Leni thinks of Seal as her dad.

The blonde beauty also revealed she thinks her family is so strong because they communicate with each other.

She said: “When I was younger my parents, brother and I would talk to each other about what we did during the day. It’s important to try to keep that in a family.”


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 14, 2008.


  1. Henry! 🙂

    Johan is a cutie patootey!

  2. Henry needs a HAIRCUT!!!!

  3. They are both adorable. Johan needs some cute braids and Henry needs his hair to be dreaded or cut!!

    Why does a woman with two black kids not have a black nanny? Henry’s hair looks like a mess because his Afro needs to be combed. This is the time when these kids are learning self esteem. When they watch their mother and sister brush their hair with ease and they don’t know how to groom theirs, this is what creates self hate.

    Come on Heidi, you can do better.. And Seal should be ashamed his soom is looking like Chucky all over the place..

  4. Johan is adorable! Henry is cute also!

  5. Seal is bald so maybe he doesn’t know anything about hair.

  6. They have german and british nannies and I think that is just fine. The only other black person in their family, really, is their father Seal. Seal’s parents are both dead and I think he was an only child. Besides I am sure they make sure their sons understand that they are from a mixed background, just as I am sure that Leni will grow up and learn about her Italian heritage as well.

    As far as their hair. They don’t neccessarily need to cut their hair short. It does need to be trimmed and managed better though. I get they want the boys to have it natural, but it is just looking messy. But braids? Negative.

  7. very cute baby


  9. Cranberry doesn’t believe mixed people should embrace their multiculturalism instead they should only identify with their black side. That’s the reason why she made such close minded statements here and on other posts. She’s such a clueless chicken head.

  10. Are you stalking Cranberry? Get over it already?

  11. The question mark at the end of the second sentence should be an exclamation mark.

  12. bibs AKA Cranberry AKA Gigaboo… I’ll say whatever I damn well please. Now get over that!

  13. I agree with not buying it, why does a child of mixed race HAVE to chose one side to fully identify with? They can chose both, and should grow up being made aware of both cultures, and if they should chose to lean towards a certain side (i.e. black) at a later age, then that will be of their own choice, not bcoz someone else has idea’s of who/what/where they should identify with, culturally and racially.

  14. I agree there children are not black thay are mixed you would only confuse them by calling them black.

  15. I agree with Miss D. By the way, Johan is a cutie pie!! =)

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