Pictured are actress Vanessa Williams and her daughter Jillian on the set of “Hannah Montana:The Movie’ in Malibu.” Before heading to the Hannah Montana set, Vanessa Williams,her daughter Jillian,and a friend grabbed lunch at La Scala restaurant(pictures below)

~ by blackcelebritykids on July 14, 2008.


  1. Vanessa and her daughter are so beautiful. They have beautiful complexions and features… light skin, light eyes, pretty hair. Her and Rick Fox (or whoever the dad is) should’ve made more.

  2. I think Jillian favors Bobby and Whitney’s daughter in this picture. What say you?

    look at her in this thread.

  4. “light skin, light eyes, pretty hair”


    I’m a dark skin sista, i have dark brown eyes and afro hair, and i am so beautiful too.

  5. Why everytime someone mentions that light is beautiful some dark skin person has to say “but what about me?!?” It’s so childish and it really speaks volumes of their self esteems (or lack thereof). Get ova yourselves. Do you ever hear a light skin person saying “light is beautiful too” when someone comments on how beautiful Naomi Campbell or Gabrielle Union is?

  6. @ Not Buying It… the point is you said ‘they have beautiful complexions and features, light skin, light eyes…’ that makes you sound like no other complexion is beautiful and they are like some ‘EPITOME OF BEAUTY’ before you get it twisted I am light skin, and dark skin people are equally beautiful!! all this complexion shit need to stop especially amongst black people JEEZ!! btw how do you know that is there hair or if it is natural or not?? Your some kinda JOKE!!

  7. Shelly I don’t care what you claim your complexion is (although you’re probably on the dark side by the sounds of it). But that’s not even the point. My point still stands…they are beautiful and their features are as well.

    Dark skin women tend to take issue with that and I don’t sympathize with it. I’ve been told once or twice in my day that dark women and more African features are the best, I didn’t get offended or bent outta shape. People are entitled to their opinions. And so am I.

    I never said that light skin, pretty hair and pretty eyes are the best. But if yall want to put those words in mouth, go right ahead. I won’t lose any sleep.

  8. Btw, clearly, black women who don’t have that type of hair agree with me but won’t admit it. That’s why the wig and weave shops won’t be going out of business…. even in a recession.

  9. I aint on no side love but alot of the things you say is so damn IGNORANT!! so your saying because i’m light i have to agree to the shit your saying??!! You must be mad!! my mum raised me better girl

  10. Your mom also should have taught you to love yourself (if you are what you claim to be). I am light with pretty hair and I happen to think that it is beautiful. You nor no one else will convince me otherwise. If by me saying that means that people will take that as me thinking that people who look like me are the only beautiful people, oh well. I ain’t mad at it. It’s your ignorance, not mine.

    Did I say, damn Vanessa and her kids are beautiful?!?

  11. O Shelly, and please don’t use “aint” in the same sentence that you accuse someone else of being ignorant. lol. Your mom should’ve taught you proper English in the midst of all this good raising.

  12. I’m a pretty brown skinned girl who felt nothing when I read Not Buying It’s comments. There’s obviously a history between dark and light skinned African Americans that lead us to pre-judge each other. That being said, when you know who you are you don’t feel the need to defend yourself or your beauty when you read comments like Not Buying It’s comments. She’s entitled to her opinion. Not everyone is going to find dark skinned women beautiful…..AAAAAAAANNNND…..what does that mean? Nothing. Look at Vanessa Williams, some people find her absolutely beautiful, but she can’t keep a man to save her life. Denzel has been holding Paulette down for years now. She got light skinned and dark skinned women wishing they were in her shoes. There are some absolutely beautiful light skinned sisters out there and some absolutely beautiful dark skinned sisters out there. No need for us to hate on one another. It’s 2008!

  13. Amen Katrina!

  14. Nice blog + pictures, I have added to bookmark. Good luck.

  15. Katrina very good example. If that is not enough look at Halle Berry and then check out Vanessa Williams from Soul Food. The outer appearance can be important, but what is on the inside is the part that matters most. If your character is flawed I don’t care what you look like I don’t want any part of you.


  17. I am trying to add pics to my post < img align=”right”

  18. I think I got it

  19. Not Buying It… I can write however I want this is not school so dnt come n tell me no shit!! pretty hair??? what is your example of pretty hair?? you sound like them typical red bones who think there better than anyone else because you are light!! I feel sorry 4 ur ass!!! poor ting!!! and Katrina I aint hating on nobody love and as u said its all about 1s opinion!!! but if you read Not Buying Its comments of other pages you will know what I am talking about!!!

  20. @ Mrs.(or Mr.)Not Buying It- As evidenced by your rants pertaining to Karyn Parsons, Erykah Badu and Vanessa Williams you’re full of hatred and disdain for our race.Go to Celebrity Baby Blog,CelebrityBabyScoop or Celebs and Bubs.There you’ll be less likely to see anyone of the darker (or even lighter)hued African persuasion. Good luck!

  21. I am fly Shelly, your man, if you’re lucky to have one, surely would think so.

  22. wow I think this ia so funny. ok vanessa and daugther jillian is beautiful. I also think they are beautiful dark skin women out their too. her cant keep a man notting to do with her skin color. vanessa is very indpentent women if you know what i mean..

  23. Shelly AKA Yard Nigga # 1 buy a class in eloquence and Engligh… You need both badly.

  24. Nikki I think you got something different from that statement Katrina made then I did. I thought she meant that the color of someones skin has nothing to do with how happy they are in life. Just like the size of their bank account, booty etc. Happiness is a choice and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think Rudy Youngblood is so Handsome. My friends think he is to light in the pants.

    Different strokes for different.

    Also if you think someones opinion is ignorant the best way to handle is ignore it and it will go away.

  25. jillian got a nose job? (it’s change her features alot and it fits her, unless I’m confusing her with vanessa’s older daughter) I would like to see the little one she had with rick fox-i think that’s his name. Pretty hair…pretty hair is hair that is taken care of. That comment made me think about when I had shoulder length hair and would proclaim that I wanted to grow my hair out to my waist. I got comments like “you have pretty long hair for a black girl” or “[since I will never have long hair] I should talk to a man who can give my kids long hair” others actually looked in my face and laughed. Now thanks to robin over at my hair is ready to pass my waist and head to my ass. Now, I think everyone who used to laugh at me is a little bit shocked, a little bit envious, a little bit amazed and a little bit inspired. I try to encourage everyone I know to take care of their hair in the same way. Its so funny now that my hair is long I get asked constantly if i’m mixed, when I reply “no” they insist that I am and dont know it. And again with the light skin dark skin thing…come on this is the F***ing 21st century. black folks need to work on emancipating ourselves from mental slavery, learn our history, be proud of ourselves. However I will say, aesthetically, once someone has that smooth, endlessly even tomed skin, no matter what their complexion…its just beautiful to look at.

  26. lmfao @ Not Buying It… I’m not mad at what you said at all, it’s how you said it that was just a little “off”.

  27. totally beautiful people. all dem haters just be jealous vanessa ain’t yo mum and you the lucky kid

  28. lmao u guys r soooo funny and 2 u not buyin it i cudnt give ah damn if u knew French!! so piss off n go suck ah dick or sumntn lool u really is crazy

    n dats da best reply u cud leave shelly whore??…i pray 4 u boy!!! GOD BLESS U ALL 😀 lol

  29. Shelly British, go back to the third country where you belong and kick rocks.

  30. she isnt that pretty in my eyes…and that little girl is ugly…she lookz like she has downs sndrome…but having light skin and pretty hair DOES NOT mean u are pretty..people always ASSUME that light skin and good hair is pretty cuz media always shows black celebrities with hazel eyez n long flowing hair n shxt. i would rather be myself than be all dolled up with make up and shxt..i think dark skin people have smoother skin then light skin ppl..most of the dark ppl i know do…and its so soft oh boy lol

  31. misz bri, you are funny. But, I have to agree with one thing you said. Not all light skinned (or dark skinned people for that matter) are pretty. To argue otherwise is futile.

  32. WOW, you are some of the most ignorant Africans I have ever heard of.
    -Adults need to call names to get their point across? House nigga, yard nigga? Isn’t this what we’re supposed to be mad at Jesse Jackson for saying right now?
    -and What the F is pretty hair? Pretty by who’s standards? That’s ur problem “NOT BUYING IT”

    I really do feel bad for, not buying it. You seem lonely then a mug, firing off insults and waiting to respond with the most half thought out thing you can say. Life is gonna be a real slap in the face for you. Ur full of judgement and hate and ill-concieved notions. There’s really nothing to say to you because karma is the best teacher of all.

  33. I don’t regret anything I said on this site. When people attack, they get attacked. Point blank. Common sense will tell you, if you’re easily offended, don’t initiate the insult throwing.

    And you ask: what’s pretty hair? Pretty hair is what the person who is commenting thinks is pretty…duh! Damn you’re dumb. That’s like you saying “he’s fine” and someone getting offended and asking “what’s fine?” Girl, grow up.

  34. Did I forget to mention that Vanessa has pretty hair?!?

  35. A pretty complexion…

  36. and pretty eyes.

  37. Some of yall chicks really remind me of my childhood. When my parents would give me something, my brother would always ask: well what about me?!? lol. You’re the one with major issues if everytime someone comments on the beauty of another, you get offended. I think it’s sad that you’re that insecure. I understand why children do it; after all, they are just building a sense of self and they need security. But what’s the excuse for the adult who acts that way.

    O, did I forget to marvel at the beauty of Vanessa Williams and her children?

  38. lets be real…pretty hair in this convo is long, flowing and nap free…when have u ever seen some1 with hair that wasnt long and kink-free have anything said about their hair? and how the hell did she have light brown eyes then greenish-blue now?

  39. My definition of pretty hair IS long, flowing and nap free hair (and I don’t give a damn who doesn’t like it). You’re absolutely right….for once.

  40. well as long as you KNOW you’re ignorant, i’m happy

  41. Since we’re being real, misz bri, most black women who don’t have that type of hair agree that’s why companies who sell relaxers, wigs and weaves do so well. Denial…denial… denial.

  42. Am ignorant. Why because I think that long, flowing and kink free hair is the prettiest? lol. Ok.

  43. i dont see why some1 would want 2 be artificial like that. if we would be more accepting of all types of body types, hair types and overall physical appearance there wouldnt be a need for falsifying one’s self.

  44. misz bri: you said “i think dark skin people have smoother skin then light skin ppl..most of the dark ppl i know do…and its so soft oh boy lol” Wonder if you think you’re accepting of all typies of physical appearance making a statement like that. Or, does it seem like you have a preference. Let me answer that for you; you clearly have expressed a preference. I’m not dark and didn’t get offended one bit. Why? Because I couldn’t care less. I love the way I look and wouldn’t want to change it if a thousand of you on this board said dark skin is best.

    Btw, big ups to my beautiful sistah, Katrina. I can tell you’re a confident and fly chick through your words….and I love it.

    To the others, learn to love yourself.

  45. jillian didnt get a nose job.

  46. not buying it ypu’ve got some unreal issues there. try checking into rehab. altho u’re right they have pretty hair.

  47. very black, who was even talking to you? Are you another who was offended because my praise was directed at beauty, of which you don’t possess? Awh!!! get over yourself!

    That Vanessa and her children sure are gorgeous!!!

  48. i do prefer dark skinned dudes….most light kinned men i know are conceited. oh sure im accepting; i wouldnt judge a book solely by looks but u can tell when some1 thinkz highly of themselves. i wasnt trying 4 offend any1. i meant darker people that i have seen generally have better skin. im light skinned so y would i have anything negative 2 say about people like me?

  49. oh and those kids are not gorgeous and neither is she. she looks best but her kids are little yellow monsters

  50. misz bri just let you know vanessa eye change color depenting on her makeup that why sometime her eye are light brown then greenish-blue. dont know what you see but vanessa kids are gorgoues I met vanessa in person and she gorgoues but we have diffirent opoion godblessed you..

  51. Idk y black folks thing white people bring them down when ya’ll are sitting up here fussin about light and dark. Who’s the racest ones? All ya’ll and against your own race because this one’s dark and that one’s light. There is beauty in everyone one of us no matter what the skin tone. Sad people, sad.

  52. They look gorgeaous together, mother and daughter. Vanessa really do a great job portraying Wilhelmina Slater..with her good looks and body she is a hot mama..

  53. Hmm. Interesting discussion. Not Buying It, I completely agree with you- I think that you are 100% entitled to your own opinion, and you have every right to express it, just like everyone else here. I think it makes sense that you would find Vanessa’s features attractive- because they are! She is a beautiful woman, and has nice-looking kids. And you have every right to believe that light skin, light eyes, and long, flowing hair is beautiful- if that is your definition of pretty, then so be it! It especially makes sense if you have those same features- of course they would appeal to you in someone else, particularly if you thought highly of yourself. I think that light skin, light eyes, and long hair are pretty too, as well as other combinations.

    That said, I think people’s main issue with your statements is its origin. The way you phrased your first post implies that light skin/long, straighter hair is pretty- naturally, dark skin/short, curlier (aka kinky) hair is not included in that description. This idea of beauty is not inherently African- indigenous Africans do not have light skin/eyes and long, wavy hair. That image of beauty is a remnant of slavery/colonialism- it was taught to us by Europeans. So I think to willingly buy into that notion is problematic for many people. I myself have- I am dark-skinned, with brown eyes and “kinky” hair. And growing up, I always wished I was lighter and had longer hair, no matter how often my parents told me how beautiful I was. And they were not ones to harp on hair/complexion- I was not told I was beautiful BECAUSE I have dark skin/kinky hair; those things were generally not discussed in in my household. It wasn’t until I was older that I appreciated my features as well as those to which I aspired when I was young. So you’re right- many, MANY Black people have issues with their skin color, and they certainly are keeping the weave/perm industry vibrant. However, that doesn’t necessarily make “light” right (not saying that you said that, I’m just saying…) I wish people would learn to love themselves, no matter what their features- left to me, those industries would have gone out of business long ago… Anyway, I know you didn’t specifically SAY you didn’t love dark skin/kinky hair, so all this might be moot. In fact, it is moot, because you don’t have to like dark skin/kinky hair- your definition of beauty is your own. As is mine, and I find people of every skin shade and hair type attractive. Including Vanessa Williams 🙂

  54. Lioness, thank you for your comments and understanding where I am coming from. It amazes me how many people say that I have self love issues when I am voicing my appreciation for people and features very similar to my own. I feel that mixed people have every right to say that their mixed features are beautiful without commenting on all other beautiful features that can be found in people of African descent. Anyone who thinks otherwise has his or her own set of issues…and its sad. Anyways, I can tell you’re a fly and confident brown skin sistah, just by your words…and I love it. More people need to embrace their own and stop being so insecure.

    Team: love the skin your in.

  55. it amazed me reading the comments here. i personally dont feel that anything Not Buying It said was wrong, or was dissing dark skinned people. she is entitled to her own opinion, and she stated it. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but here everyone is trying to push THEIR ideals of beauty to the front, everyone has their own ideal of beauty, it doesnt make it wrong and it doesnt make it right, but with every person being unique, then every person has their own ideal. i hate when people jump up arguing about light vs dark. damn people its 2008, are we still stuck on that?

  56. Yes, randomchica, unfortunately, we are STILL stuck on that, lol. Hopefully not for long, though- like Not Buying It said, love the skin you’re in. Thanks for the kind words, Not Buying It, I’m aiming them right back at you 😉

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