The Klum-Samuel children along with their grandmother,bodyguard,and nannies,were photographed on the West side of NYC on Sunday.It would seem that Henry really loves his Spiderman costume as well as that baby doll stroller.

WORDIZZ,Please go easy on Henry.He still looks cute,right?


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 15, 2008.

14 Responses to “KLUM-SAMUEL KIDS IN NYC”

  1. Henry seems like he is quite a character.. spider man costume & his doll carriage.. too cute! and Johan is such a pretty little boy… looks like his Mama!!

  2. WHY is this kid on here almost everyday?

  3. Because this is Henry’s month!!

    We love our Henry here. He has a lot of character and is uber adorable. Johan has the fattest cheeks and I am sorry doesn’t look like his mother. He’s a lighter version of dad. Johan will soon be bigger than his sister.

  4. I second that Yolonda. They do show pics of him way too much. Show more of Vanessa Williams’s family, get Halle Berry’s daughter, $hit take an ultrasound of Mariah’s fetus for all I care.

  5. LOL! Henry is the truth! But you know i’ma get him, BCK. LOL!!!

  6. Thank you “Not Buying It”, I appreciate the support.

  7. I think Johan looks just like Heidi.


  9. I LOVE to see pictures of Henry and Johan with their sister on here. They are so cute and colorful kids. They sure keep it real. I agree Henry is a character. It’s obvious he gets along with his sister well because he seems to play with her and his little brother well. I think Johan looks just Heidi also. I think Henry is going look like a lightskinned version of Seal. When he was a baby he was a bear:-). As he gets older, henry is getting cuter and cuter. I think Henry and Zahara are hands down the best celebrity kids to watch, white or black. They have such colorful personality, raw emotion and are too funny and cute.

  10. i love henry…he seems like such an interesting lil fella…and Johan…I just wanna scoop him up–he’s so cute!

  11. I think the operator of this site has an affinity for Henry. A snapshot of him is posted at the top of the blog. And I don’t think the operator features Henry anymore than the other blogs dedicated to celebrity kids. Heidi and Seal seem to lead very public lives which is perhaps why photos of them and their kids are always featured in celebrity magazines.

    Otherwise I think Henry and his pink stroller are cute!

  12. Jennifer,
    You are right! Zahara and Henry are my favorites too. They have a lot of attitude.
    Zahara always has that “B*tch please” look on her face, and Henry looks like he raises pure hell.

    They are both adorable. I also have a warm heart for Sure Cruise, Violet Affleck and David banda who are all very personable.

  13. who are they?

  14. I want to play with Johan’s cheeks so bad!! He’s adorable!! BCK should have more pictures of him!

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