Actress Jessica Alba,her husband Cash Warren and their daughter Honor Marie is on the front page of Spanish OK! magazine.Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren welcomed their daughter Honor Marie Warren on June 7.


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 17, 2008.



  2. What a beautiful family! Honor is such a different but beautiful name.. cause it is an honor to have a baby!!

  3. She looks adorable, what a cute family!

  4. Cranberry!! Where are you, you fool?!? Aren’t you just outraged that this couple is embracing their Hispanic roots? I mean, after all, Spanish OK? They should only grace the covers of Ebony, Essence and the like, shouldn’t they? Not!

    Anyways, big ups to the beautiful Warren family. I wish you all the best.

  5. beautiful Picture………Beautiful Baby!

  6. Cash looks like a lighter version of his father, Michael Warren from Hill Street Blues. The baby looks like his mini me but a girl version. Jessica is pretty as always.

  7. I like this cover wayyy more than I like her on the cover of the U.S. Ok!

    Honor looks so much like her daddy…wow…

  8. Not buying it,

    You are a sick person.

    Cash is not Hispanic, Jessica is.

    #2 – I have absolutely no problem with them being on Spanish OK, because the regular OK is like being on white OK anyway.. And if they were on Ebony, more power to them.

    You sound like a fool. You are obsessed with race and it seems to occupy your entire life… It’s a shame, because you are missing out so much on life.

    I am going to see “The Dark Knight” now with friends.. Stay here and worry about how black someone is and if they should call themselves Biracial.. LOL

    I know it hurts you that I don’t call myself biracial.. Learn to accept yourself: either you are a self hating Coon or a race bating bigot. Get a life TROLL douche!

    I am black and proud baby! Buy that B***h!!

  9. Jessica Alba is all screwed up in the head.
    I’m surprised she would even agree to appear
    on the cover of the magazine. Is everyone
    forgetting what she said about “being Spanish”
    awhile back?

    plus, I think it’s depraved to exploit your baby
    like that for money the parents aren’t in need of.

    silly ppl.

  10. Cranberry you ain’t foolin’ no one. You’re as black and ashy as Whoopi. Stop frontin and trying to be something you’re not. You’re like the old fat dark haired women who goes on online dating sites and claims to be thin, blond haired and blue eyed. It’s funny though how you hate mixed people but claim to be one on the sly. You wish!

  11. Wow Buying it, You are seriously in need of a Psychiatrist. The things you say are beyond racist. It is sick.
    Now, I have never read where Cranberry claims to hate biracial people. Cranberry always seem to say that they are black because biracial is just a label but it doesn’t erase the realities they face and it is no different than someone who is darker.

    What is wrong with being dark like Whoopi? Are you saying that dark people are not as goodlooking? I beg to differ. You are promoting self-hate. I also agree with Cran, you seem to be from either end of the spectrum of either hatred of black people or hatred of youself as a black person.

    Whoopi is no different from half of the white actors. Whoopi doesn’t wear make up. But if she conformed to the ideals of what beauty should be according to white America, then She would be a beautiful woman if she wore make up and more feminine clothes. Whoopi has beautiful skin for a woman in her 50’s. Put 30 something year old white women next to her and there is no comparason. So give me a break with that bull..

    I think you need to be on a KKK website, you seem to be more in line with their frame of thought process.

    Oh and I am light skin (Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, African) and call myself black. I hope that hurts your feeling you pathetic mental case!! BLACK & PROUD!!

    ——– Now to the topic at hand..

    I never really cared for MiserAlba, she is a horrible actress, and the worst person to give an interview. She is dumb as rocks. But her baby is adorable with her chubby cheeks.

  12. Sanchez, I’ve never been opposed to mixed people labeling themselves as blacks. But I most certainly am opposed to someone telling me that as a mixed woman I should only identify with my black side. That’s bs….period. As far as your opinion of me, well I won’t get too much into that because to be quite honest, I couldn’t care less. Nor do I care about your racial background…lol.

    And your comments about Whoopi not wearing makeup, well that’s just laughable if you think that that woman has no makeup on when she’s on a prime time television program.

  13. Furthermore, read the comments that were posted about Halle Berry consistently being voted as sexiest woman alive on (and how black women said she is not a black woman) if you are so clueless to think that mixed women are fully accepted by the black race. That is a bunch of bs. And because you seem to be clueless about it, I tend to believe you aren’t even mixed to begin with. But, like I said, I couldn’t care less either way. Next!

  14. Not buying it,

    The women that say Halle is not black, are some of the people that are on your band wagon. Why complain?

    I think you are taking things out of context and too literal.
    The fact and matter is that Halle is black. She says so herself! She looks in the mirror I gather! It doesn’t change the fact that her mother is white.

    No one cares if you call yourself black or not, I personally just want you to know it because you have deeprooted race issues. You seem to get thrills out of calling darker females like Whoopi Goldberg ugly, ashy and other derogatory terms. Like Pookie-Sanchez, I too don’t believe Whoopi is ugly. I am sure you are not pretty because you are “BIRACIAL”? LOL
    I will not insult you, I know you must really have it hard being biracial and all…

    You are a clown though and I will give you a little history. Sorry about that insult, I couldn’t resist..
    Anyway, Walter White once went on assignment for the NAACP to the south. He was white enough to pass, but lived his life as a black man. He stood for something.
    On his way back, on the train, he saw a white man lynched. They mistook that poor soul for Walter. It is people like Walter that sacrificed their lives for us to even be called human today, and I am sick of ingrates like you that perpetuate stereotypes. You sound like an IGNORANT moron the way you carry on! I really would like you to get off these black oriented sites and go where you feel @ your mind and race’s ease.

    I am fascinated by how you keep saying that I must look like Whoopi Goldberg and more otherwise derogatory terms. SMH @ your crazy arse.. I see you probably have book sense but no common sense.
    As if the fact that I say I am black, makes it hard for you to accept that I am very light skin. Clearly you have grave issues with your dark side.

    Why don’t you just say you are white and get on with your life? Why torment your soul? I am willing to bet that you can’t pass as a white person, that is why you are so distraught and preoccupied with race.

    Guess what senorita, you might be black and white, but in reality, you can never be white, but will always be black!!

    Have a nice day Schizo!!

  15. Damn Whoopi u sure are dumb. No wonder u say the things u do. U actually looked at the site and still don’t see how it refutes ur position?!? U said that mixed ppl wouldn’t have the issues Karen spoke of if they just admitted they were black. But women on that site were claiming Hally can’t be the rep of black women bc she doesn’t look nor is she full black. That has absolutly nothing to do w what Hally considers herself. Damn u sho is dumb….
    Now go pput some lotion on!

  16. Not only that but the fact that even u admitted that Hally considers herself to be black strenghtens my argument, certainly not urs, as black women r essentially claiming she’s not black enough even though she is claiming black.

    Alright Whoopie, I’ve had my fun with u… But now ur seriously boring me… Ur just too dumb to even make half cogent arguements. Next!

  17. Shut up talking about who’s black, what’s black, and how black people are. Get over it. Jessica and Cash made a beautiful baby, who is part black!

  18. Not buying it has no life. I mean damn…look at all the posts she’s left. She needs a friend 😦

  19. i say give them both a tortilla and some fried chicken & grits!!
    who are they kidding, themselves!! Look in the mirror compadres!

  20. To Shut up and Mimi, I will continue to talk about whatever I damn well please. If you have a problem with it, great:-) Damn you gigaboos.

  21. I never done heard any black woman say Halle Berry isn’t Black…? Oh well. Back to the original topic, lol. Honor Marie is a beautiful name.

  22. antwanfisher, what did Jessica say about “being spanish”? (If anyone else knows, I’d love to hear)

    Baby is beautiful and has a gorgeous name.

  23. Silvia,

    She talked a lot of smack about not being Latina and that her dad doesn’t speak Spanish and a bunch of other crap.
    Then when her crusty movies started tanking, all of a sudden she wanted a brown baby to teach Spanish, lol

    I feel sorry for the baby because Jessica is an airhead. But Cash is an intelligent guy, so she’s partly safe from Alba’s stupidity.

    Jessica didn’t understand that her base was Latino and black.

    It’s the same with Vin Diesel. When the black community was embracing him, he never wanted to acknowledge that he even had black blood.

    For some reason these people feel by saying they are not latin or black, they will be more accepted by mainstream. But it backfired on Diesel.

    Then reality struck – one day a friend of mine was watching BET and Vin Diesel was on some award show. I almost fell off my chair. Imagine that.. LOL

  24. Thanks ARROZ . Well, to tell you the truth I don’t expect much good from these celebs – any of them. Most aren’t too smart and don’t have too many principles except for personal gain and interests.

  25. cash looks like a young Ricardo Montalban.

    he must have some spanish blood somewhere along the line.

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