Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughters Aoki,5 1/2, and Ming Lee Simmons,8, attended a luncheon with children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the American Girl Place on July 16, 2008 in New York City.

In a recent interview with AllThatsFab,Kimora speaks on the father of her kids,Russell Simmons, and her new Fabulosity clothing line which will be sold exclusively at JcPenney.

Kimora on Divorce:

I couldn’t ask for a better father [for my kids]. I’ve been through a lot. I know that women everywhere especially with kids know what I’m saying and it’s difficult when you go through a little bit of a break up or situation in your family–and it’s helping me to find a supportive system and be able to work it out and move on and I think I’m doing that in style.

On her kids:

My kids always come first, they are always first. I guess it’s God thats first then it’s my kids, then my children.. soo I’m always working .I’m always on it’s 24 hrs a day and then I’m a designer.

Does Russell help you with the kids?:

We help each other with everything now he’s very supportive.

How does Fabulosity differ from BabyPhat?:

I did approach it differently. It’s just that it’s–it’s a different price point. Similiar enough–bright colors, a lot of fun, a lot of tailoring, a lot of school girl looks, a lot of trends I’ve embraced, the preppy, the school girl, sporty chique. So we have a lot of varieties, and it’s quite different. The prices and age group are a little lower even though techniquely in this line I wear a lot of, well You’ll See!! When you see these girls on the runway you’re gonna know Kimora did that because I could wear them and there are certain things my kids would wear, there are certain things my kids wouldn’t wear! There are certain things I’d wear, there are certain things I wouldn’t wear! So it’s a very diverse line it’s very mix & matchable.


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 17, 2008.


  1. I Unapologetically say
    THAT THOSE KIDS SHO IS UGLY! Well that’s harsh but they ain’t cute at all. Maybe they will grow into their looks. ~shrugs~

  2. Daaaamn! how could you call those 2 girls ugly?! I think they’re cute & always dressed very nice!
    imagine someone said that about your kids! Why is there ALWAYS so much negativity?! Jealousy?

  3. Pettysanchez what are you jealous because you are not of mixed race? Get over yourself those girls are undeniably gorgeous

  4. Hey, leave Ming and Aoki alone! They’re both cutie pies.

  5. I personally think the little girls are beautiful. It’s the mom I don’t think is all of that. She is not ugly but she has arrogant attitude and it is a turn off.

  6. one on the left needs to never make that face again…

    who is her publicist? haha. sorry.

  7. What is it with you folks in here? Live Strong, you remind me of Not Buying It… Everything boils down to race. Isn’t this black celeb kids? So it is obvious, no??

    I disagree with PettySanchez, Ming & Aoki are gorgeous, especially Ming. I think Petty is just saying that to start trouble. Regular trolls..

    WHY if someone says someone is ugly, they are doing it because they “are not mixed”? What does being mixed have to do with it? What kind of stupid people are you? Jesus Christ.


    Pettysanchez what are you jealous because you are not of mixed race? Get over yourself those girls are undeniably gorgeous

    Live Strong said this on July 17, 2008 at 3:26 p07

  8. Ming is pretty. Aoki, not so much. Sorry to say.


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