Rapper the Game is reuniting with the mother of his youngest son. The two split after Tiffany became pregnant:

Rapper The Game plans to spend his retirement with the mother of his baby son, King Justice, after reuniting with ex-girlfriend Tiffany Webb earlier this year (08).The How We Do hitmaker, real name Jayceon Taylor, recently revealed his upcoming third album, L.A.X., will be his last – because he wants to spend more time as a family man.And that’s good news for Webb, who split up with The Game when she was pregnant.The rapper then announced his engagement to actress Valeisha Butterfield, but that was short lived.

He says, “Me and Valeisha is in the past. I’m now with my youngest son’s mom, and that’s about it.”

Webb gave birth to the couple’s son in April, 2007.The Game also has a five-year-old son, called Harlem.



~ by blackcelebritykids on July 17, 2008.


  1. Good for them!

  2. no it aint

  3. I won’t take his a$$ back! But I guess she’s trying to make it work for the bay’s sake. I guess….

  4. Why did they break up in the first place? I don’t know the scoop on them.

  5. I love game I think he is a wonderful father. He has two cute sons.

  6. band-aid baby????

  7. They actually make a beautiful family!

  8. Game is a ladies man, I can’t picture him settling down with one woman. Especially someone as old as her. She is ten yrs. his senior.

  9. Well I luv Game n I luv da West Coast.Didnt kno he had 2 diff baby mamas, at least hes doin sumthin alot of these other black males who have kids n dont do sh** need 2.I hope things work out 4 Lil Game #2 sake

  10. game is one of the best rappers alive and aside from what I personally think about his bi-poler behavior he’s doing great job with his son’s I think he can balance work and home life if he just compromise

  11. Not! That’s not Ms. S from Alabama/Compton that his family loves and he loves and is still trying to find Ms. S. Word to J: she’s closer than you think and everybody u know she knows so, start asking around again. She’s not like the other chicks you know you’re still welcomed.

  12. thats gud but he should write a few more ablums cause hes a mad rapper

  13. Can’t imagine him settling down with that lady pictured above. She looks like his mother.

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