Actor Taye Diggs and wife actress Idina Menzel would like to have kids after having been married for five years:


He’s had Practice with kids on television, and now Taye Diggs is ready to have some himself.The Private Practice star revealed to OK! that he “would love to start a family, absolutely.”

The 39-year-old doesn’t have an ideal number in mind, but he and wife Idina Menzel definitely won’t be challenging Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie anytime soon.

“I would like to start out with one and have it be healthy,” Taye says.Taye and Idina have been married for five years and are still going strong. So what’s the most romantic thing he does for his wife?

“You have to ask her,” he says. “But I try to be romantic constantly.”


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 20, 2008.


  1. I used to think Taye was cute but he looks so emasculated now…

  2. I am really surprised they still don’t have children yet. They have been married almost 6 years now, but they have been together for damn near 12 years. That is a little crazy to men. Then again apparently she most works in New York City and he is usually in Los Angeles, so I guess that’s the reason for the delay. I wish them luck though. Nice to see couples lasting these days.

  3. cute couple! good luck to them in having kids someday!

  4. I have never felt that Idina was attractive. She did well in the movie Enchanted but I don’t think she was the right one for that part. But I wish them the best.

  5. Taye is corny as he11 now. What happened to him?

  6. Taye was always corney to me, he can;t act. I didn’t even know that he was married. He is not all that attractive.

  7. I believe the word “corny” should be replaced with sensitive. There’s nothing wrong with Taye Diggs, he is attractive, he has a great body, he can act, plus he is obviously not afraid to show love and affection for his wife. Stop hating and leave the man alone.

  8. He is corny because he loves, supports, and wants to have a family with his wife? The nerve!!! I find it nice to see a marriage last these days, especially in that industry.

  9. Say yes to strong and happy families and no to hating!! Some of yall are so miserable, I feel sorry for you.

    A man who is willing to commit and take care of his….well that’s sexier than any ad showing a muscled-up man w/ his shirt off.

  10. good luck to taye and his wife, I hope they will happy what ever they plan in the future.

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