These are perhaps the first pictures of Halle Berry’s four-mouth-old daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry.Halle Berry was photographed carrying her 4-month old baby around LA on Thursday and Halle’s mother was there to assist the new mom in her mommy duties.Nahla’s dad is model Gabriel Aubry.



~ by blackcelebritykids on July 21, 2008.


  1. You can tell she’s adorable *sigh*

  2. Aww we can’t see her face. I’ll say she looks like Halle anyway. Who knows?

  3. The photog who took this is a dirty S.O.B.! Halle was obviously in her backyard, or another private family setting when they took this pic. It’s such a shame photogs would stoop so low as to steal precious moments between mother/child just to capitalize.

  4. The baby is brown like Halle. Where’s the baby’s daddy?

  5. She’s going to be a cutie, and she probably looks like halle.

  6. […] BlackCelebKids SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “First Pics Halle Berry’s Baby Girl”, url: […]

  7. I bet she’s a cutie. I’m so happy for Halle.

  8. wow…

    I was starting to think that her baby got abducted by aliens…lol.

  9. On JustJared, they are so mean and racist. They are saying crap like the baby is ugly because it doesn’t look like the dad and that Eric Benet is the father because Nahla is so dark.

    I just can’t believe those sick people.

  10. She is tinny.

  11. ARROZ CON POLLO – Wow that’s disgusting that people can be so cruel. This is probably why Halle refused to have picture of the baby taken in the first place. I’m sure the baby is beautiful. Halle and Gabriel will be wonderful parents.

  12. I also went to JustJared and I was sicken by the hateful comments. Thank you for having a blog that looks at us and our children as beautiful human beings. No matter the color or the races of our partners. I guess I’m so sad about this whole thing (blogs) because people are acting like Nahla can’t be cute if she isn’t blond with blue eyes and fair skinned. Oh well, Nahla looks so cute… from behind.

  13. hi baby! finally…

    I hate the shady way the pic was taken though…that’s messed up. =/

  14. I wish I could see her face to 😦

    I went to Just Jared as well. It’s basically a white blog so it’s not surprising that such comments are made about Halle’s little girl. Many people (not all) who post on blogs are crazies anyway and wouldn’t have the courage to utter publically what they post on the internet. Also most people don’t understand that genetics is like a game of Russian Roulette. A couple with different phenotypes can have children that favor one parent, the other parent, or be a combination of the two. The important thing is that Nahla is healthy and loved by her parents and grandmother.

  15. Trailer park comments if you ask me, the child seems beautiful who cares what color she is, long as she is healthy

  16. In ref to just jared racist commentors,last blogger said n word.

  17. That is the perfect ending to that hateful hellish thread. @JustJared. People who hate Halle or do not approve of her relationship with Gabriel. Needed something to hate on. Now they are using this beautiful child. So they finally broke down and used the N-word. They have been gearing up to that since Sunday.

  18. A few comments on the whole thing.

    Not that it would be a bad thing if the baby is dark but I really think it’s impossible to judge her “color” from these bad, grainy pics.

    I doubt if Halle didn’t publish any pics because of any “color” considerations – that’s a dumb thing to say. I do think she made a mistake. She should have found a way to publish pics just so she and her baby aren’t hounded like this. She knew the paps would be looking for pics at all costs so why not gain some control over the situation?

    Anyway, I’m sure the kid will at the very least be cute if not goegeous considering her parents.
    As long as she’s healthy, that’s all that matters:)

  19. I dont feel badly for Halle at all. That’s my girl and all, but that’s what you sign up for when you are a celebrity. You can’t take the good and leave the bad with any job….unless you quite. And last time I checked, she’s still in the business of making movies. With celebrity comes…fame, money, and well, less privacy.

    N E ways, can’t wait to see the baby’s face… I’m sure she’s a beauty.

  20. I meant quit, for those who’ll want to critique my spelling (Maryamb…u there?!)…hehe

  21. You know what if she would just do a magazine shoot with People or OK! magazine (both very notable) maybe they would quit hounding her ass.

  22. @ the blogger above good idea David bowie and Iman did that many years ago in exchange for lexi to be for the most part left alone. There are very few pics on her on the net.

  23. Its so weird how brown the baby is considering she’s only 1/4 black.

  24. i love halle berry but i could not help but wonder why she was being so secretive about her baby. the dark comment is just plain stupid because two white looking, black people could have a child that’s darker than either of them. so that does not even make sense to mention. however, i can not help but wonder why no one has seen that baby’s face and it is now going on five months old. several babies did not get that million dollar treatment by the mags such as nicole kidman. halle is kinda acting weird about hiding the baby’s face and saying that it is because she does not want the child exploited.

  25. Why is everyone so hell bent on seeing Halle ‘s baby of course we see that the baby is healthy and beautiful which is enough for me I feel that when she’s ready to share her baby with the rest of the world she will and everyone should just leave her alone we as women should know how she feels she has finally been blessed with a child and right now she wants to cherish the experience of being a MOMMY with out someone shooting pictures of her baby every time she wants to go out with her and yes I know thats what she signed up for but her baby didn’t so when shes ready to introduce Nahla to the world she will but damn let her enjoy her first the media ain’t nothing but a bunch of leaches and the remark on her race about her being to dark well can someone explain to me the reason my child came here half white with eyes that turn blue, light gray, and green and I’m black and her father is black but his mom is half white and black and his father is black and half creole see what I mean sometimes your genes reach all the way back maybe Halle baby took more of Halle’s father genes in other words people mind ya damn business!!!!!

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