Reverend Run and his wife Justine Simmons along with their adoptive daughter Miley are covering the latest issue of Jet magazine:

Rap pioneer Joseph Rev Run Simmons and wife Justine have a reason to celebrate. In the latest season of MTV’s reality show Run’s House, the couple will proudly present the newest addition to the family cast: their adopted 10-month-old daughter Miley. In an interview with Jet magazine, the Simmonses discussed the thrill of becoming adoptive parents nearly one year after their daughter Victoria tragically passed away just hours after being born.

The couple also encouraged others who may have trouble conceiving to consider adoption as an option. “There are other women out there who can’t have babies and they keep trying. They get so caught up with ‘I gotta have my own.’ If people knew that they would get that same feeling from adoption, I think more [couples] would adopt and not go through the heartache of trying and miscarrying.”(SOURCE)

Rev and Justine have been married for 14 years. Rev has three children from his first marriage, Vanessa, Angela,and Joseph “JoJo,” and two sons with Justine, Daniel “Diggy,” and Russell “Russy,” .


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 22, 2008.


  1. It’s funny but even though she is adopted she resembles both Russell and his wife…she is beautiful…I’m happy for them…God bless them

  2. she is a pretty baby i thinks she fits in perfectly she is a fashion plate baby i mean she has turn into a gorgeous baby justine got her baby miley she is to precious. god had planned for this baby here to be apart of the clan and not victoria for he felt that this baby would heal the simmons family and as beautilful as she is i believe god made her just for them she even resembles them alot she also good pass for gabrielle union’s baby if she had a baby she does resemble gabby with compextion and in the face alot

  3. this is a pretty baby get it baby miley this is how a baby is too look she has good skin compextion and has a pretty face and she does resemble gabrielle union in her face and same complextion could go as her baby she is looking just like them simmons to me she is a tiny little baby most baby at her age 10 months are huge but she is just the right size for a baby go head mrs baby miley looks so spoiled they got a beautilful baby

  4. It’s true.. she does look like them!!!! that’s amazing! what a blessing she is to this family! I wish nothing but the best for them!

  5. TO cute!

  6. Awwwwwwwww 🙂

  7. she looks a lot like rev run! she’s a cutie and i love her little shoes 🙂


  9. I love this family, they are so down to earth. Choosing to adopt was a great choice. Miley will rule this house!! Diggy and Russy will be putty in her hands. I see how much they love their new lil sis. And she dresses so cute…

  10. every wednesday night me my mom and dad watch this show and they are a great family down to earth and true genuine nice people shout to angela and vanessa i hve all the pastrys but not silver fruit yet

  11. Yes ever since I saw her on the show for the first time, i said the same, that baby does look like Rev and Justine.

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