Presidential hopeful Barack Obama,his wife Michelle Obama and their daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, are covering the August Issue of People Magazine. The Obamas recently vowed to keep their kids from the limelight;it would appear that Michelle and Barack have reneged on their decision to keep their kids from the public’s eye, but perhaps the Obama kids won’t  be doing television interviews in the near future. In the latest People Issue,readers will learn a little bit about the Obama Children:

The rules in the Obama household for Malia and Sasha are clear-cut:

–”No whining, arguing or annoying teasing,” their mother, Michelle Obama, told People Magazine.

–Make the bed. “Doesn’t have to look good, just throw the sheet over it,” said the mother of 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha.

–Set your own alarm clock. “They get themselves up, get their own clothes,” said their grandmother Marian Robinson.

–And the allowance from Dad for doing chores is $1 a week. Barack Obama conceded that “I’m out of town for weeks at a time, so Malia will say, ‘Hey you owe me for 10 weeks.”‘

The likely Democratic presidential nominee and his wife are determined that his bid not disrupt the normal, happy childhood of their daughters, who would be two of the youngest residents of the White House in 30 years if Obama wins. Amy Carter was 9 when she moved in the White House in 1977.

Malia and Sasha visited the White House in 2005 and were bored until President Bush’s dog Barney showed up and they romped with him on the South Lawn, Michelle Obama said.


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 23, 2008.


  1. I love the Obama family. They truly represent black families in a positive way.

  2. I love them beautiful black family.

  3. I saw a show about their fashion sense… they are so complete!

  4. They really are a beautiful family?

  5. they are sooo beautiful! i love them!

  6. I love the obamas. They are a beautiful black family. I only hope that my own beautiful black family will be as productive and influential.

  7. The Oldest little girl favors him and the baby favors the mom. I could not agree more rosalynbg

  8. thanks so much for posting the cover + excerpts. i love this family!

  9. Beautiful black family…

  10. Beautiful “First Family”! God-Willing anyway

  11. Such a wonderful family-love them!

  12. hahahahahah i dont now wat to…….hahahahahhahaha,say hahahahahahahahaahahhaha i…………ahhahahahahahahahhaah um….hahahahahaahahah im sry but haahahahahahhahhahaahah

  13. They are such as classy family. The girls are so pretty AND smart. But Barack — $1 a week for allowance? A little cheap, no? lol

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  15. About time!
    People mag is late…they are IMO kinda ethnicist. Always featurin Anglo ppl.
    Denzel & Will & Halle r the only exceptions.

    Ebony had them on the cover in Feb 07,Mar 08.
    US mag had them on the cover on 30Jun8 issue.
    Even other mags like Time, Newsweek, Vibe(July 07), Wired, Esquire, Rolling Stone(10Jul08) have featured them.

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