Hip-Hop’s bad boy  and former member of 2 Live Crew, Luther “Luke” Campbell , 47, is a newly married man(Luther got married yesterday to a 27-year-old Lawyer named Kristin Thompson)with a new reality series titled “Luke’s Parental Advisory.”In his new reality series which premieres on August 4th on VH1,Luther “Luke” will show the world how he is a devoted father to his 17-year old daughter Lacresha and to his 15-year-old son named Luther Jr. Although Luke now has an adult entertainment business,he says that there is another side to him:”A lot of people think that we’ve got women swinging off of chandeliers every day, but that’s just a job.I think that it’s time that people see what I do … being an entrepreneur, speaking with state representatives and commissioners.I’ve mentored kids for over 20 years. It lets people know who I really am, and they are going to be amazed.”

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~ by blackcelebritykids on July 24, 2008.


  1. is this luther’s attempt to reinvent himself? i don’t get this. i’m sure people will be amazed as i am. i wish him well in his new marriage. as one who has worked with teens and their parents for over 20 years i’m not sure this is good parenting. i talk a lot about these issues at

  2. Which one is his daughter and which one is his new wife?

  3. That’s what i’m wondering too Tasha. I wonder what his wife’s law firm (assuming she works at a firm) thinks of her choice of mate…. I’ve never really paid to much attention to this dude; but, what I do know of him reaks of garbage.

  4. Homegirl needs to throw that belt away!

  5. The one in the yellow is his wife

  6. I know Mr.’ I Wanna Rock ‘got more kids than that! Lol.And pardon the pun but the daughter looks older than wifey.

  7. In the third pic on the bottom, is it just me, or does he look like he’s a bit ‘excited’ as he’s hugging his wife?

  8. she’s not at a law firm she works him.. she failed the BAR twice!!!!!

  9. first and foremost i do not look older than the wife and whomever put that is a jealous female dog lol secondly she failed the bar once thirdly try and graduate from school love xoxoxo

    LaCresHa C ampBelL vh1 show aug 4 10:30/9:30 central hahahahah

  10. LaCreSha, you and your step mom do look around the same age; but that doesn’t mean you look old. You both just look young. Anyways, tell your step mom to holla at me if she needs those Barbri tapes; I passed on the first try:-)

  11. Seems to me you all need to find something better to do than hate. So what if she failed the bar 1x or 2x. I know plenty of great attorneys that didn’t pass the first go round or second for that matter. just b/c you pass the bar is NOT going to make you a great attorney. just b/c you fail it does not preclude you from going on to be great at what you do. how many students fail written exams everyday, does it mean that they’re not smart? i don’t think so. as far as which one is his daughter and which is the wife – that is the most ignorant question and/or comment. proves you obviously have trouble using your cognitive skills. go to vh1 look at the pictures, read the names and find the answer to your question instead of trying to be a slick mouth a** hater.

    lacresha congratulations on the show, keep ya head up and keep banking the dough. let these broke lame a*s cyberbullies live their lives reading blogs and hiding behind their computers. don’t get caught up in what the blog readers have to say!


  13. i cant wait till this show comes out its gonna be crazy lol☺

  14. miaallday you need to calm down. maybe it was an innocent question, could’ve even been a compliment on how young his wife looks. talk about seeing the glass half empty… maybe YOU need to find something better to do. stay blessed people!


  16. i kno lil luke aka pie & lacresha when they were tiny i had a son with their mom’s (tineer aka tina) cousin mechele his name is delaun aka lil crise 14 year old star its nice to see lil luke & lacresha get so big they were great lil kids wow lil luke still looks the same if yall see this hit me up @ & visit ya cousin page 1 love richie aka the china say hi to ya mom tina for me

  17. ewww MiMi sounds like a disgruntled bootie call, lmao………..

  18. Let’s face it half of the insults are coming from very angry and jelous people. It is wonderful to see a black man having a wonderful relationship with his kids and not having to be with the mother of the kids. I wish him and his family the very best!!!!

  19. How do you know his relationship is wonderful? And why is it so wonderful that he did not work it out with the mother of his children? I swear, yall are some clueless a$$es on this thread.

  20. little luther jr is so cute =)

  21. Luther needs to be honest about his live and what he really is about… I hope his show is truely a reality show and it captures his real personality… Luther have 2 other children where are they in this happy family equation? He also have a grandson as well were is his grandson? Isn’t it funny how his wifey favors one of his daughter whom by the way is 2 years younger…(oops you didn’t hear it from me)

  22. First, She (Kristen Thompson) is not a lawyer, but more of a legal advisor. She still has yet to pass the bar (which whom she has repeatedly failed!). If you do not believe me please check with the florida bar as this is public information(the contact info can be googled… florida bar. She was merely an intern for him and the other woman that invaded on a then present relationship with him where he had alrealdy planned and concieved a child with that was to be born by a woman he dated and cohabitated with in Miami that was from Maryland. As a result of Kristens wicked devises she pried him from the woman in Maryland causing her to be sent back to Maryland and then baring the responsibility of pregnacy and childbirth all on her own. In other words Kristen did not allow him to be present at baby Brookly Campbells birth. He has a total of 5 children not 2. All ranging from the ages from 25-2 years old. The 25 year old was a victim of rape at 15 and is currently attending UF, the 21 year old moved to orlando where he dimissed her as well as the later, She works and pays for her own college through earned wages. The 17 & 14 both live with thier mother and have only been contacted because he wanted or needed some children to be invovled in his reality series but, he has no real relationship with him. He hasn’t seen them since the last taping and if you tune-in you will notice that they were not invited to the wedding per Kristens request (she literally hates all of his kids). The baby, 2 resides with mother in Maryland, yet another victim of his careless acts and I say this as his big sister, and their big sister this madness has to end at some point enough innocent lives have been destroyed because of this one man. As far as the question of marriage and sanctity he has alrealdy cheated, he has been out of town promoting his show and is currently arranging dates with past muses and acting on them of course Kristen/wife/worker bee is or has been at his office pounding away on her computer and answering his phone calls while uncle luke is still and will always be Uncle Luke! Now you take from this what you will and know that there couldn’t have been a better match made in hell. They are two of a kind. They have not a care in this world for anyone accept themselves while everyone else falls prey and victim.

  23. ^^^
    And why exactly are you airing this man’s dirty laundry out. Im watching the show right now and its actually very very entertaining. I mean nobody is perfect and wewe are after all talking about Luke “doo doo brown” Campbell so its not like he has been acting like he holier than thou!! I mean I can see if this was Jesse JAckson’s reality show than yea it would be an issue. Luther is from the gutter so its not like he had proper upbringing he is learning as he goes along, dont judge him please. The brother is at least trying to get married and right his wrongs.

  24. and BTW his wifey is a dimepiece.

  25. I happy for Uncle Luke Im happy to see his growth and im even happier to see him married to someone he seem like he love very much

  26. true dat

  27. […] ADVISORY???. is this luther??s attempt to reinvent himself? i don??t get this. i??m sure people … “MYTHBUSTERS!! SMASH LAB!! GIRL ON THE LOOSE!! GREEK!! TOUGHEST JOBS!! CHO SHOW!! SWEET 16!! NO […]

  28. Lacresha Yur brother is veryy cute lol. =)
    And yur Family Is beautiful =)

  29. wat is juniors myspace

  30. I thank you truthis for airing this out!!

  31. junior wat ur myspace

  32. oh please dis family is a mess.. Im not a angry or jealous person.. Im truthful and they are a hot mess.. If they didnt try to be something their not then people wouldnt say half of the things they say about them.. come on noe da wifey is not a lawyer.. lol im sorry but she said it and why is the house damn near empty.. ITS NOT THEIRS.. but I still luv ya luke

  33. First and foremost, I’m elated that MIA is on the map. I know Luke personally…was signed to his record label in 1996…a girl group called 1-305. He is a well respectful man who showed love for all! I’m grateful for the experience and will always love love him for that! To Luke and the fam…keep doing you. Reality is supposed to be reality…keep it gutta and real. The realness makes it extraordinary and believeable. I will continue to be a fan and give much love to my hometown! WE THE BEST!

  34. Tiffany, please. It Miami is on the map, it’s not because of Luke at this point. Where is your girl group now? Hmm, nuff said.

  35. truth is couldnt have said it any better.. Tiffany its ok to be proud of where you live but to be on somebody like Luke and give him props for putting MIA on the map just goes to show how low ya city has become… girl group in 1996… really doesnt matter at this point because that was the past.. as in HISTORY!!!!

  36. lutherjr. ur so cute you look hot in that jacket

  37. his show disgust me…he should be trying to do something constructive in the black community and i am saying this as an 17 yr old black female……but he will get the message when his daughter on the ole butt naked and got men throwing dollars at her…and fo the women that think its okay to strip and have sex for money and attention please go get some self respect and self esteem you are a disgrace

  38. I don’t by anymeans agree with stripping or legal prostitution it all unethical but we as people put our mouths on others not realizing we no better all sin is equal show me in the word were it says different so if u lye u might as well be sleeping around u people be blessed women take pride in ur bodies many women died so u could be free. Where the virtous women at come on Prov 31 women

  39. It doesn’t suprise me that Luke is 20 years his wife senior. It appears that he has someone that is naive, gullable, and passive which is great for the type of man he is. What I do find surprising is that he is still procreating children at 49 years old!! Where is his money being generated to care for thses children? I saw the episode when then 3yrs old came to visit the family. Luke appeared to be attentive to the child, but on the other hand detached from the two older children. And why does his wife look so sad, tired, and have a deameanor of an older woman? She is only 27yrs old. DId he finally settle down, or realized that he was old, played out, and not so marketable at this time in his life.

  40. Congratulations everyone and best wishes. May God continue to bless this beautiful family with health, wisdom and life!

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