Zonnique and mom Tameka Cottle

Zonnique with brothers Messiah(l) and Domani(R)

Zonnique and brother Domani

Zonnique Pullins is singer Tiny Tameka Cottle’s daughter from a previous relationship. Tiny Tameka cottle now resides with her boyfriend rapper T.I. a.k.a. Clifford Joseph Harris in their Atlanta home. The couple have six children in all,two of whom they conceived together. The latest addition to the Harris clan is a baby boy named Major Harris, born on May 16th. Also pictured below is Zonnique’s sister Deyja.Not pictured are the youngest sons Major and King Harris.


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 25, 2008.


  1. Awww Messiah and Domani are so cute and Domani looks just like T.I. Zonnique and Deyja are very pretty. King is missing and the little one Major. I hope they release pictures of Major soon.

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  3. On the 3rd pic w/ jus her and her brother Domani, she looks like Lauren London.

  4. such cute kids! i agree with georgia, domani looks just like TI.

  5. I wonder why they are calling his other kids her siblings…they are not married, just playing house.

  6. Messiah is a chubby one,but he is cute.Domani is a cutie.Zonnique is a cute one too.Gladly she didn’t inherit the nose her mother has on her.

  7. Nice Family

  8. And to be politically correct, the captions are wrong.They are her STEP-brothers.

  9. They are not her step-brother’s either. T.I. and Tiny are not married. They are just her mom’s boyfriend’s kid’s.

  10. cute family!

  11. Im glad that Tameka stayed tru & aint cut her nose.

  12. Ya’ll are ignorant with the comments. Really lets get real. If they wanna live their lives this way so what. They are all together and prob will be for good. They are siblings dang. If you had someone in ur household are your life and he was like your brother you are going to tell everyone that is your brother. Geesh! Who are you to judge????????????? Im pretty sure there are ugly skeletons in your closets.Geesh!


  14. Why hasn’t he married this woman yet? She gets her ass beat, arrested and cheated on, yet she’s not good enough to be his wife? That is what’s wrong with black men. No respect for your women.

  15. I’m kind of confused by all this.
    Which kids did T.I. and Tiny have together and which ones are from previous relationships?
    Because it sais that they only had two together but I know that Messiah, Deyja, and Domani are T.I.’s. So do they just live with him or what? Because clearly Zonnique and the oldest three of T.I’s aren’t actually brothers and sisters, they’re just step siblings.

  16. Pudge’sOne&Only Messiah, Domani, and Deyja are T.I’s children by other women. Zonnique is Tiny’s daugther from a previous relationship, but T.I claims her as his own. King,not pictured, is the first child T.I and Tiny have together. Their daugther was born still born and Major, not pictured, was born this year. So T.I and Tiny together have two children.

  17. Omg!!!!who knew his son name was King… Thats My Son’S name…May God Bless Them My Son was Born 4-22-08 7lbs 3oz!!!thats too cool..Now He Restin in Peace.My Love My Angel.Mommy And Daddy Love u And Miss u so much….

  18. give me informashon about you


  20. Okay, somebody help me out because now I am confused. All these blogs and I done counted more than six kids…Now Tameka gave birth to three, Zonnique (Not T.I’s) and Major & King (T.I’s)..then who is Deyja’s father since T.I. called her his baby girl, but Tameka not claimin her and how is she Zonnique’s sister. Is T.I. claimin someone else child that even Tameka don’t share..and the boys, okay so where are the other three children. I know he got two by the Dixon girl but where is the other one. That sounds like, 1…2….6…4…10…LOL..who the hell knows how many kids

  21. Ok keep up ya’ll this is how it goes. Zonnique (the oldest) is tiny’s oldest daughter (from a previous relationship with Zebo) then Domani, Messiah are t.i.’s sons that he had with his first love (lashon) and Dejah is also T.i’s (only bio daughter) with another woman (other than Lashon) Domani and Dejah are a couple months apart (ti had two women preggo at the same time) Now the last two which are King and baby major (which is the son ti and tiny just had this year in may) are ti and tiny’s children together. I hope ya’ll got all that it’s very complicated

  22. They really look good, guess its time for the wedding soon!!!

  23. @suz: As some1 with a big nose that hurt my feelings.

    @naiyaJ: We rnt ignorant. We’re stating the facts. Tiny isnt married so Zonnique’s only brother is Major Philant Harris & her deceased sister Llayah.
    Domani,Messiah,Deyjah are just her mom’s boyf’s kids.

    & no I have no skeletons in my closet. How hard is it to use a condom or use BC?

  24. TI is going 2 jail so I doubt he is planning a wedding.
    Here is the breakdown

    Tiny & Zonnie Zebo Pullins: daughter Zonnique(1996)

    TI & Lashon Dixon

    TI & unknown lady

    TI & Tiny
    Clifford Joe Harris 3rd(25Aug04)
    Llayah (stillborn Th March 22 2007)
    Major Philant(17May8)

    …5 kids from 3 ladies.

  25. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  26. nice family

  27. FOR ALL OF YOU CONFUSED ONES OUT THERE: T.I. has 5 biological children not 6. The 6th was a miscarriage that Tameka had. Tip has 3 kids that aren’t by Tiny, Messiah, Deyjah, and Domani. Tip and Tiny have King and Major (the youngest of them all) together. Tameka also has Zonnique from a previous relationship. HOPE THAT HELPED!

  28. I just think tiny and ti should gone and get married and they just all be one big happy family…

  29. zonnique is to cute to be tinys daughter

  30. i didnt know that she was tiny daughter aka star girl rock your look

  31. Hi! I’ve been reading your site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent work!

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