Actress Halle Berry doesn’t want you to see pictures of her baby girl Nahla so she is suing a paparazzi who took recent pictures of her and her baby in their backyard:

Halle Berry said a paparazzi went too far to get a shot[inset picture] of her infant daughter, alleging that the shooter trespassed on her private property and snapped them hanging out in the backyard.

The Oscar-winning actress was upset when pictures of her holding four-month-old Nahla Ariela Aubry showed up on the Internet and in two celebrity magazines. In a statement, Berry disputes the notion that the photos were taken when she was “out and about in Los Angeles.”

Evan Spiegel, an attorney representing Berry, said a criminal complaint has been filed and an investigation is under way. He said there are witnesses who saw the photographers in the middle of a “very blatant and invasive trespass.”

A person who answered the phone Friday at Fame Pictures, the agency that distributed the photos, said he had no immediate comment.

“The paparazzi have gone too far,” Berry said in a statement to The Associated Press. She vowed to do everything possible to get the photographer prosecuted and protect her infant daughter.

“I have long since come to terms with the fact that choosing a career as an actress has made me a public figure, but my baby has made no such choice, and unless and until she does, I will do everything I can … to keep her out of the public eye,” the statement read.


Blackcelebritykids says:Celebrities are aware that they are in the limelight and as such,they know they will be asked for autographs,pictures and such. An interview there,a picture there ,it’s is all in the best interest of the person who wants to be a star;it is essentially a part of the job. Yet BCK feels that there has to be a line drawn to where the Paparazzi and such do not have to stalk entertainers to get what they want. They could either do it at a safe distance, or ask permission as do many credible photographers . BCK does not condone this display of Stalkerazzi at its best. Let it be noted that BCK appreciates the work of credible photographers.


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 28, 2008.



  2. She is saying she was at home on her private property and these pics were snapped. She was not in public. Duh! I commend Hallee on not wanting to make money off her child and wants her to be kept out of the public eye. Do u see how people comment negatively about someones child who may read that one day!

  3. Come on Haile, lets see the baby already…Cute kid


  4. I agree with halle the paps are going to far. Parents should have a chose regarding this matter

  5. I’m glad that I’m not a big celebrity. I’d flip out too if I was Halle. She chose to be a star, not her baby. She shouldn’t have to feel obligated to show off her baby. She deserves privacy.She was on her own property and the sleezy photographer trespassed and took pics. I’d feel violated too. That’s pretty creepy. What if he was a stalker or child molester or kidnapper or something?

  6. I agree with Halle they want to far. She was at home in her backyard. They had no right to take photos of her and her child. I hope she wins.

  7. Good for Halle. These paps will do anything to “get the picture”. She should be able to go outside in her own backyard without some ahole taking pictures of her child. Plus the paps lied. When the pictures first showed up on the internet. The paps said Halle, Nahla and Halle’s mother where in a “public” park. I knew that was BS because you can see lawn furniture in the back ground.


  9. Then why are you posting the pictures on this site? That’s pretty disrespectful, don’t you think?

  10. The baby seems a little too dark for a mixed mother and a white dad…just an observation.

  11. I think it is something truly wrong with people who think just because someone is famous. They forfeit their right to having some kind of privacy for them self and or their family. The paps think and feel its open season on anything and anyone associated with a celebrity.

  12. They were previously posted before this statement was made.

  13. You go Mama Halle- Draw those clear boundries when it comes to your children. It is so wonderful to see celebrities such as Halle and Nicole Kidman taking the high road and not pimpin the babies. I pay to enjoying her acting, that all she owes me. The other areas are off limits.

  14. @BCK: if u r on Halle’s side y r u posting the pic?
    Also, Im glad there arent many intrusive ads on this site, so how do u keep it up & running?

    @observant said this on July 28, 2008 at 3:26 p07 : STFU: Babies r born 1 way & their features change. They can lighten, darken, their nose change, etc.

    @marie: I think its maks sense for celebs 2 do a photo shoot where they get the $ & give it 2 charity. For ex, 1st pics of AngJolie’s kids are from $2mill – $4mill. Why should 1 man get that? Its better 4 the charities 2 get those millions.

  15. Please people lets not get into the whole skin color fight. Because last week it got truly ugly and racist over at JustJared. We as black people know our children can be very light or very dark and all colors between. So it is truly upsetting to see the color of one of our children being picked apart my one/some of us.(I would expect that from people who don’t know better) BTW with Halle’s brown skin its hard to tell she’s bi-racial too. If Halle never told people her mother was white with blonde hair and blue eyes. You would have never guess it. I am brown skinned with very asian looking eyes. I’ve had Asian people ask me if I’m biracial. The truth is Asian eyes run on my mother’s side. And there are no Asians in my mother or my father’s families. Nahla is taking after her mother. People are acting like she came out the same color as Favor Flav. Oh well opinions are like a-holes everybody has one.

  16. @Marsha:
    I can understand where you are coming from because black people come in all shades. THe point the others were trying to make is that Halle had 50% white genes and GAbriel Aubrey has 100% white genes. Given the math, that means Halle’s baby has 75% white genes. One would expect her baby to be alot lighter given the aforementioned data.

    When looking at her baby right now, she looks like she could have had a black father and not a white one. For a baby with only 25% black genes in her she came out a little on the dark side. If you didnt know the who the father is you would have assumed he was black. Yes or no?

  17. THis is an unfortunate reality of fame and one that is made well known even before these people become celebrities. Halle is an A-list actress, she should expect pictures of her baby would be a high-end target. Frankly, i think she should have taken extra precautions even if she was just on her front lawn.

    THat is just what is to be expected with being such a high publicized actress. Is it wrong? yes but it is expected.

  18. @luna
    With all do respect to your opinion. I think you and most of the people on the net are over simplifying the subject of genes in the human body. There are thousands of genes in one human. And I’ve been around enough to know life isn’t as easy as saying 50%+100%= whatever. Our genes are a make up of not just us but generations past. People are not cookie recipes. On this very site there was a post about a lady who gave birth to twins one very very light skinned. And the other dark skinned.
    And to answer your question about Nahla I really can’t say. Because like I said b4 I thought Halle had two black parents the first time I saw her. Plus its really not a good picture. Judith-Ann (Halle’s mom) looks a little on the mixed side in those pictures too. And we all know she is white. Like I said before. I respect your right to have that opinion. I just think its a over oversimplification.

  19. I also don’t agree with you @ luna about these celebrities having to shut up and get over being stalked. When Halle and a lot of the A-listers got in the game. The press respected the stars family’s right to privacy. They printed stuff about the star and left the family alone. That’s all Halle is asking for now. She understands she’ll be written about and photographed. And she understands Gabriel as her partner will be written about too.Because he made the choice to get involved with her. But their kids need to be off limits. People’s mothers, brothers, sisters, and children need to be left alone. If something is happening to you and you don’t like it you too will do something to change that…right? Will it change… I don’t think so. Because to many celebrities welcome the media attention good or bad. If they band together and use their money and power they could shut these paps down. That will be my last reply to this thread. We can agree to disagree.

  20. Why the heck are people talking about the baby’s skin tone like it really matters? This is so ridiculous and sad! Ask yourself: is it really that serious? why dissect the baby’s genetic background? what’s the point? why do you care?

    Go Halle for taking a stand…mama bear is protecting her cub and, of course, rightfully so. Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she deserves to be hassled by the often inconsiderate paparazzi. I’m glad she’s fighting back.

  21. Luna, you can’t be 75% white, lol. It does not work like that. Black people aren’t dilute, if you are 1/16 black you still black and thus can be ever color under the sun. A clild could be blond hair blus eyes same parents and the next be dark hair brown eyes, it callled resessive genes. Don’t you remember college biology about the plants and how many variations you can get from two plants, same with humans. Depending on what Dna they get Hallie and her boyfriend can have babies of all colors.

  22. I am sure Marsha didn’t mean to disrespect Halle, Nahla or Gabriel. I think she was trying to take up for this family. I understand her need to respond to someone who starts the color game. Because I felt the same way. Because biracial kids catch h*ll all the time over… Are they light enough or are they dark enough. But to get back to the topic at hand. GO HALLE!!! Maybe by taking action the stalker-paps will think twice before climbing trees to take pictures of her family.

  23. @Deandra thank you for understanding what I was trying to do.

    I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

  24. celebrity Life can be hard, but it worth it!!!

  25. I can understand her wanting her privacy and for the Paparazzi to invade her property like that was totally wrong. I think that Halle should press charges, but she also has to realize that her fans have been following her career for years and she has shared some personal parts of life in the tabloids before. Why not let the world see your baby.

  26. i dont blame her. noewerdays all these celebrities are selling their precious pics of their babies 2 get sum money from magazines.they shouldnt be doing that, and halle has done the right thing by not selling her pictures, and i dont blame her for wanting her privacy. the only reason it seems so weird is because every other celebrity mother is pimpin out their kids to people magazine. it’s ridiculous

  27. I feel for Halle because she is very confused herself. I understand that she does not want anyone to see the child, but realistically, will this happen? She has to go to the grocery store ONE DAY SOON. See what race mixing does to individuals, as if people with two black parents are not confused and crazy enough?

  28. @ angelica

    Let’s leave the race mixing comments out. Truly, not necessary.

  29. I think Halle understands people are going to take pictures of her and her family. When they are out and about in public. But what she is pissed about is someone coming onto her private property and taking pictures without her knowledge. That is wrong on all levels.
    I say good for Halle for standing up and doing something about this. If she just let this ride. Next time the paps will get worst and worst.

  30. Why are these pictures still being posted? Thought part of Halle’s lawsuit against the pappi who took them and the 2 tabloids that printed them, was that Berry also wanted them removed from the Internet–because the were illegally obtained invading her privacy and trespassing on her property? Good luck hearing from her lawyer!

    Nahla looks like how she’s supposed to look like plain and simple. Let’s not get into the race things. Guess folks don’t know about genetics.


  32. she needs to bring her out she almost 5 motnhs

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