Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has revealed that he gives his daughter $1 allowance a week as a reward for completing all her chores – a way he keeps his family organised.

In an interview, Obama revealed how he and his wife Michelle raise their two daughters, 10-year-old daughter Malia and 7-year-old Sasha, in the public eye.

The couple said that they never bring birthday presents for their girls, for hundreds of dollars are spent on a birthday parties, movie tickets, pizza and popcorn.

“That sleepover is enough. We want to teach some limits to them. And their friends bring over presents,” People quoted him, as saying.

Besides this, the politician also revealed that he gives his daughter only $1 allowance a week as long as she does all her chores.

“I’m out of town all the time, so Malia will say, “Hey, you owe me 10 weeks!” … Originally, we were giving her a dollar a week as long as she did all her chores,” he said.

“It turns out that she’s been doing her chores even without prompting from the allowance, which makes me feel guilty that she’s been carrying on her end of the bargain and I haven’t been as consistent,” he added.


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 28, 2008.


  1. wow that’s very interesting and down to earth

  2. Great idea, will keep the girls grounded

  3. Wise parents. In the era of give everything to your child, it is refreshing to see them teach their kids the value of a dollar. Some parents don’t teach children about money because they think they shouldn’t talk about money with children, don’t have the time, or think they don’t have enough money. Parents should take the time to teach children about money regardless of income and should start when children are young. I can’t wait until he becomes our president. GET OUT AND VOTE!

  4. Mad props 2 teh Obamas.
    But $1 is lo. U cant even but an ice cream truc ice cream for $1.

  5. I can’t wait to see these little pretties running the halls of the white house.

  6. Some could probably argue the man is to cheap to be President… http://www.enewsreference.com

  7. I would rather have a president who is considered cheap for not paying his children outlandish money to do chores they should be doing anyways, then a president who borrows 12 billion dollars a month for an unnecessary war. One dollar per week certainly isn’t much, but it’s just another indication that the Obama’s are firmly rooted in the notion of raising their girls with a sense to value money. I am sure the Obama girls do not lack any necessities. He will be a great president.

  8. they’re just kids…$1 is enough!

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  10. I Didn’t think that a Dollar had any value anymore, but I guess it’s good enough. I mean, the parents are rich, so if they need anything I guess they would have it!!

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  12. very good management strategy.we should learn from him.

  13. Unfortunately, he dosn’t understand that depriving your children of their birth right dosn’t teach values. Teaching how to use their birth given opportunities responsibly is the best way to teach a child the value of a dollar. Hence, deprevation doesn’t t teach positive values, developmental teaching builds positive effective values. The Obamas don’t know any better because they came from low income backrounds. Deprivation can create low selfesteme which creates a hosts of social problems which interfere with people using their resources wisely for the good of mankind. To much is given much is expected. However, if one’s kids aren’t given anything, and aren’t taught how to use what they get to benifit mankind then it becomes wasted potenial. Moreover, it is bad parenting.

    When you are wealthy you are suppose to teach your kids to GIVE, manage, invest and lead. Therefore, chores should consists of not only cleaning up, but shadowning paying bills, following world news, working investment games, volunteering and building relationships with other rich kids their age to fundraise for charity, support policy and become apart of the power structure reprenting the interests of all people. The children should have exposure and expereince with wealth and the ways wealth is used to benifit the outer society.

    Sadly, the Obamas are raising their kids like they are working class folks living in a one bedroom apartment on the southside of chicago, who don’t have the resources, education or the ability to use their wealth for societal good. Wealth is best used intergenerationally. If they continue raising their girls like this, those girls will not do more, go further, and impact society any further than their parents. It is their birthright to do so. There parents are obligated to set them up so that they can go further and make a greater impact on the world, than their parents.

    Our kids are NOT suppose to live the same struggle that we live, if we expect them to go further faster. They must climb on the backs of our shoulders and soar. It is disturbing to me that even the ivy league presidential candidate is treating his kids like some Blacks treat their kids. He should know better. As a result of the 1965 civil rights act, the baby boomers got so many opportunities that allowed them to live well, drive cadalacs and buy homes etc. But so many Black baby booomers raised their kids like they were raised and didn’t give them anything, didn’t save for college, didn’t develop them effectively. As a result, the majority of the Black generation X folks who came from middle class families have not gone further than their parents. We are the first generation that have not gone further than our parents. IT’s not because we were given things. Hell most of us have massiv student loans. It is because our parents raised us in middle class homes but treated us the way they were treated by their share cropping uneducated parents who did the best they could. For Obamas to be an ivy league couple with the exposure to power structure and how it operates, and wealth it is shameful how they are doing their girls. Moreover, they are smart enough to get books on raising children to understand that the values that Michelle’s mother may be imparting on Michelle’s parenting do not apply to her girls. Michelle grew up in a one bedroom aparment with a disabled dad. The focus was different. Rich people should build wealth and give, while poor people struggle to save and keep the lights on. The only way to build extensive wealth and galvinize other wealthy folks to give to Black causes and issuee to live and socialize in wealthy circles. Giving your dollar a day is not going to cut it. I AM SORRY FOR THE TRUTH BUT THE OBAMAS MUST DO BETTER! To much as given much is expected.

  14. Blaaaah blaaaah blaaaah blaaaaah…Jennifer you sound kind of crazy talking about the Obama’s like you know them personally. You don’t know everything…ssssshhhhh.

    I have no reason to doubt the Obama’s are good parents. They appear to be intelligent, God fearing people. I believe in them.

  15. Ahhh can’t wait to show this to my 11 yr old who get’s half her age weekly & think it’s robbery:)

    But I don’t pay her for chores because that’s required of the folk that live there!

  16. Actually a dollar is too much. I don’t give my kids ANYTHING.. If they happen to want something, we discuss it, and whether or not they will get it is carefully evaluated. Anything other than a roof over their heads, food in their stomachs, and clothes on their backs is a bonus! They already have cable and internet access which is expensive. As long as a childs BASIC needs are met, they will be fine. (Which I’m sure they are.) It’s good that the Obamas are teaching their kids limits and not spoiling them. Then they won’t grow up like most children of celebrities not knowing how the real world works and end up on drugs.

  17. Jennifer, what a load of rubbish. These are kids, they don’t have to get an allowance. Whatever they do get is really no-one’s business. What gives you the right to think you know what an ideal allowance is? Thier parents provide for every aspect of their lives and they do teach them about money. Your comment that they should be given a bigger allowance because their parents are rich is just stupid. I’m sure they won’t have any student loans as their parents are saving to pay for their college education instead of giving them exorbitant allowances to spend on what exactly? You need to give credit where credit is due instead of tearing them down because you have had a shitty life.

    As for this statement!
    “When you are wealthy you are suppose to teach your kids to GIVE, manage, invest and lead. Therefore, chores should consists of not only cleaning up, but shadowning paying bills, following world news, working investment games, volunteering and building relationships with other rich kids their age to fundraise for charity, support policy and become apart of the power structure reprenting the interests of all people. The children should have exposure and expereince with wealth and the ways wealth is used to benifit the outer society.”
    So just because I’m poor I can’t aspire to this or even do this? You’re a Fool. And just because they get $1 allowance means they can’t still do this? You are an even bigger fool.

    You need to get a refund from all that maoney you paid for your education – because you obviously learnt nothing.

  18. Interesting. Katrina and Teri must treatt heir kids like slaves. My god, children need more than just the minimum needs. Your kids are not dogs. We are not suppose to have kids for our own amusement. When we bring them into this world we have an obiglation to them. Obviously, you like so many Black don’t undestand that obligation, which is why we are still oppressed, and are unable of protecting ourslvs against the ills of the world. Dayum, how triffling.

    WAKE UP!!!!!!

  19. Jennifer you’re entertaining if nothing else.

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  22. allowance are no need in life really! if your kids want something, if their good just get them it.. SO SIMPLE

  23. Jennifer is correct in her statements. The most likely reason is because she has been exposed to upper class values, which are very different from lower classes. I know what she is talking about because when I grew up, I got a bit of both. My mom was a poor working class black mother with strange depression era values. When I was almost a teenager she remarried and my life changed over night. We moved from the inner city to the suburbs. Guess what eventually happened to those “working class values”? My mom had to revaluate their true value based on seeing the success of other kids who supposedly had it “easier”. In the end I was the first in the family on my moms side to get an advanced degree and a professional career, because she choose to see that the way she was raised wasn’t going to get her child anywhere. Yes Michelle and Barrack are exceptional for overcoming their background, but most of the successful people we see in business or politics today, were not raised with working class values. Working class values help a poor individual to survive, not become a successful CEO.

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