Rev Run and Justine Simmons,of reality television show Run’s House, want you to “take back your family.” The husband and wife team have written a new book on parenting titled “Take back Your Family:A  Challenge to America’s Parents. The book,which hits bookshelves on August 5th, will impart to readers principles by which the Simmons’ have used in raising their own children. Here are a few tips from Justine and Rev on raising a new generation of kids:

• Run your family as the COEs: Chief Officers of Everything.
• Understand that you can never correct what you don’t confront.
• Lead by example, not by preaching: Hypocrisy and parenting are a destructive combination.
• Today’s fast-paced world can often make children feel small; your job is to help them feel large.
• Older children need more rules and parental involvement, not less.


Rev and Justine Simmons have six children in all :Miley Simmons,10-month,Vanessa,25, Angela,21,Jojo,18, Diggy,13, and Russy,11.


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 29, 2008.


  1. what a beautilful baby miley is i bet her real parents must be jealous but she the simmons baby girl now just as cute as she wanna be she is a doll she looking just like them simmons 4 real

  2. Vanessa, Angela, and Jojo aren’t Justine’s children, they just call her mom b/c she’s the stepmother.

  3. This should be a great book. I love this family. They give out positive vibes.

  4. cute baby

  5. Just because Justine is Vanessa, Angela, and Jojo’s biological mother, she plays a very important role in their lives and if you have seen the show…they refer to her as “mom”. That is a great compliment to the relationship that they have built together!

  6. A correction in the last reply. Justine is their “stepmom”. That sometimes has a negative vibe to it. She is a mom to them in many ways.

  7. The Book is absolutely wonderful.. I ran to get it the day it came out and read it all in one day!! Its very inspirational and it has wonderful advice on how to maintain a good happy healthy marriage and how to raise a healthy happy blended family.


  9. baby is beautilful it’s stange how they get a baby that resembles the whole simmons family she is a gorgeous baby i have to say luv this family the picture of a good family they all have good looks in the fanily

  10. aww that picture is cute thats a blessing for baby miley to be a part of the family god bless them

  11. The most important thing about this book is that it will shine some positive light on African American families, There are some great African American families out there. I love this show. Family is what it’s all about. If you don’t have family, what do you have. Big shout out to the Simmons family. Thanks for the positive vibe.

  12. umm…isnt their a soundtrack of them reading the book…if so where can I find it …I have the book but I would get into it more with a recording

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