“Q” Parker a.k.a Quinnes Parker of R&B quartet 112 attended the Show Me The Way Foundation Runway RED Celebrity Kids fashion show with his wife Sharlinda Rowe-Parker and their son Lil “Q” on July 26th.Q Parker, who has a debut album entitled “Real Talk” due out in September 2008, also has a stepdaughter named Kahdijiha. 


~ by blackcelebritykids on July 31, 2008.


  1. He looks like daddy!!

  2. whoa he’s adorable!

  3. Looks just like Q

  4. His wife is a prime example why women need to think twice before they get weaved up. That $hit looks a mess…not to mention so unnatural.

  5. LOL@ not buying it statement

  6. His wife resembles Wendy Williams.

  7. Beautiful family. It’s always sort of a shock to see a Black family unit these days. I think his wife is a nice looking woman & would be even more so if she toned the hair down a bit. The problem is like all other races ,we’ve bought into the European standard. I have close Mexican friends who are as mentally disturbed as some Blacks when it comes to not wanting brown children. They by & large prefer whiter skin w/light hair. When they say it in front of me during casual conversation, i just cringe. Same with Asians. Most of them don’t appreciate their eyes & dark hair here in America. I don’t know what they feel back in Asia but over our southern boarder & in America, the more brown you are the less desireable. Nothing new under the sun just deranged. I would just like to know where on earth color is appreciated. I was born very light skinned like my mom & w/nature, sun & time I am now carmel color if i’m not tanned. My feet & other areas (usually covered) on my body are still very light & what is so hilarious to me is when people tell me how beautiful my feet are. HA HA HA. DERANGED.

  8. Q has 3 other sons by another woman.

  9. I stand correct! It is Slim who has 3 kids. Sorry Q 😦

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