Rapper 50 Cent says that his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins is holding his 11-year-old son hostage. The rapper was recently given visitation rights to see his son but says that since the court battle over their long island residence,Shaniqua has fled with their son. In a new interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine,50 a.k.a Curtis Jackson gives us insight as to how the battle between him and his ex began:

The rap star insists the war of words began when he insisted on finding his son a better home and improving his education.He tells the publication, “It wasn’t important before the beginning of last year because he (Marquise) was being home schooled… I was paying a teacher $60,000 just to teach him by himself.“He was learning slower because it was just him and the teacher. So he needed to go to where he had the best possible schooling district and I found a house in the area that was, like, $1.5 million.”

But 50 claims Tompkins started receiving bad advice from friends, insisting on more child support to match her new situation.The battle led to the rapper winning a court order to evict Tompkins from the home he’d bought for her: “Her lawyer decided to present to the public that 50 Cent is kicking his son out of the house.”Since the fire, Tompkins has fled with the rapper’s son, as she battles custody and child support.

He adds, “Now they done kidnapped my first one (son). My son’s mother got him, holding him hostage.”



~ by blackcelebritykids on July 31, 2008.


  1. I feel bad for 50.. I’m sure he’s not 100% innocent in all this, but when it comes to a child, you should NEVER keep them from their father.. no matter WHAT is going on between you & him. She’s all wrong for doing this!!!!!!!!!

  2. I feel bad for 50 too. No one deserves to have someone take their baby, even if it is the mother. It can stands birds and Ms. Shaniqua sounds like queen of the birds. Get a job. Get ur own sh!t. Stop relying on man to take care of both you and your son and your new man…Ya sorry excuse.

  3. Here’s a suggestion- any more more stories having to do with 50cent should NOT include his pictures. I know I’m not the only one sicck of seeing this evil-gun-toting-thug-misogynist.

  4. 50 may be a prior gun toting thug but you CAN NOT take away the fact the he is and wants to be a good father. 50 is a human-being that those that wear suits are not!

  5. 50 HOTT TO ME LOL 😛

  6. Who are we to judge that man on his life style. We all have to live with the decissions we make in our life and if he has made some bad ones then that is what he has to deal with. If that man is taking care of his son and is supplying the mother of his child with the things that are of benefit to his son than I have nothing but respect for him. Do you know how many men we have out here that are not doing that and especially the ones who are making crazy dollars. A man who puts his child education first is a father worth giving credit to. We all live different life styles and sometimes the life style we live needs some adjusting insted of critizing them we need to pray for them and hope they get it together just as I’m more then sure you need to pray for yourself.

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