[Garcelle Beauvais pictured with Jaid Thomas]

Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon took her 9-month old twin boys Jax Joseph and Jaid Thomas,and her older son Oliver(born 1991) to the Studio City Farmers Market yesterday. The twins’ dad happens to be a talent agent named Mike Nilon.Garcelle’s older son(pictured below in blue shirt) is from a previous relationship.


~ by blackcelebritykids on August 4, 2008.


  1. That is so crazy…she DOES NOT look like a woman in her 40’s! Gon’ ahead Garcelle!!

  2. She is beautiful and her babies are adorable.

  3. I hate her..(in a good way 🙂 She is absolutely gorgeous and literally looks like she’s about 25.. The woman is going on 42 and just had twins months ago..

    She looks great!

  4. It’s been confirmed, Cranberry is a mud duck. I knew it! Anyways, the babies are a-dor-a-ble!!


  6. Clearly [[Not Buying It]],

    You are an idiot and a troll!!! We are still waiting for something intelligent to emanate from your feces filled cerebral cortex!

    I guess you can only expect Rubbish from pure adulterated RUBBISH!!

  7. Cranberry, it’s so clear from all of your comments that your ugly as hell. I understand why your mad at mixed people for embracing them. Cause’ you find it hard to embrace the $hit that makes up you. Poor thang.

  8. You use the word “troll” alot, is that what people who see you describe you as?! Probably. Like I said, poor thang.

  9. I have noticed that some people use the possesive term, “your” in place of you’re, the contraction for you are. Is this a regional thing? I am not trying to cause trouble, I am really curious b/c I notice a lot of people do it.

  10. […] Source […]

  11. DW, it’s not a regional thing, it’s an internet thing. Some people may have time to spell check and check punctuation and grammer but I have a job, and I usually am multitasking when I post. I think I speak for more people than myself on that one.
    Anyways, Cranberry is an ashy, ugly mud duck (inside and out).

  12. Again, you are a moron!! What does someone being ugly have to do with mixed people? And where did I ever say I didn’t like mixed people?
    Furthermore, you have no clue who I am or what I look like.

    Let’s see.. You can’t tell what I look like, but I can sure tell how stupid you are based on your IGNORANT, borderline racist statements.

    Let’s really get to the bottom of this. You have called me whoopi, nappy head, ugly, black and ashy and a whole lot of other derogatory terms all because I once said that biracial people are black.

    As I told you then, that was my opinion and that is my G-d given right!! As well, I based it on many factors, not the one drop rule.

    you also seem to associate ugly with Whoopi Goldberg. Moreover, you acorrelate course hair with weaves and being dark skin.
    I will not educate you because if you own a computer and are actually online, then you should be responsible not to sound like a self-hating COON!!

    I don’t look like Whoopi, but if I did – should I be less worthy of living? You seem to get a kick out of degrading people on this site which leads me to believe that you were degraded as a child and made to feel like garbage because your hair or nose wasn’t European enough..

    I really feel sorry for you because it must be mental anguish to even challenge the notion of maintaining opposing thoughts in your limited bird brain.

    Finally, I really feel sorry for you because you seem to believe your distorted perceptions of beauty.

    Cranberry, it’s so clear from all of your comments that your ugly as hell. I understand why your mad at mixed people for embracing them. Cause’ you find it hard to embrace the $hit that makes up you. Poor thang.

  13. I thought we’re suppose to leave comments about the pictures.. how does this always end up getting personal?????? Weirdos!

  14. Cranberry embrace the Whoopie in you. You know you could pass for her twin. Why front about it? As for my features, I grew up in a black household and was the closest thing to European there. I got all the praise for my looks not only from my siblings, but also from all the boys at school…just like the other mixed girls. Although I didn’t get taunted, like you, regarding my looks, I did notice how darker skinned women hated on me. Just like you. Hate me cause you aint me. Pathetica!

  15. O and let me clarify one thing: I have never noticed light skinned or mixed gals being hated on by pretty dark skinned girls. It was always the busted ones, like you Cranberry. The fly dark and brown skinned girls were never threatened. I can tell by your ignorant a$$ comments that your threatened by mixed people and their beauty. So sad…like I said earlier, learn to love yourself. And stop listening to those people who say YOU LOOK LIKE A TROLL.

  16. garcelle looks so young. just beautiful!!! the boys r cuties too

  17. NOT BUYING IT –>

    Your comments are just beyond repulsive.
    You act like you know all light skin or dark skin people.
    Shut your ugly hole already!! You have a disgusting character; you are annyoying and just sickening.

  18. Jaid and Jax are insanely adorable. But of course they look like little boy versions of their mother.

  19. Chicken head, I mean Chanteuse_Belle, I understand why you’re mad. It’s because you don’t feel pretty. The boys, your family members, and friends didn’t make you feel better about yourself… boo hoo. I can smell a mud duck a mile away. Next!

    Anyways, the babies are just devine.

  20. Garcelle looks lovely as always and her boys all three of them are cute.

  21. She is really taking care of herself. I have seen some older women who cannot handle having children so late. But overall, look at how adorable her babies are! Oooooh! I am OD-ing on their cuteness!

  22. CUTE 😉

  23. Beautiful pics….

  24. Why the argument on a stupid celebrity & their kids page? This is light brainless entertainment, you know scroll along in between customers or while waiting for someone. Why would people want to get a coronary over some people who are not even thinking about us. Oh I forget, it’s that crabs in the barrel thing!! Pictures are nice and she looks GREAT, love her.

  25. Not buying it! Why are you jumping all over cranberry like that. She did not even mention anything about color. You are the ignorant, idiot who started it. Can you just please stop all of this. I promise if there were some kind of reporting comment thing on this site, I would report you.

  26. ‘not buying it” needs 2 STFU.
    Saying “you’re a whoopi” is exactly why there is till hate amongst the AfrAm community.

  27. Finally a pic of Olvier. Ive neveer seen him. G has kept him hidden well.

    Is Oliver’s dad really US Attorney Daniel Saunders?

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